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Today I'm welcoming one of my favorite Christian authors, Becky Wade. I picked up Becky's debut novel, My Stubborn Heart, back in 2012 and absolutely loved it! In fact it touched me so much that I emailed her a "thank you" note. I'm DYING to read Becky's Meant to Be Mine, which comes out in May and the same book Becky is graciously giving away to one lucky winner!!! Becky is sharing ten ways to win back a woman's heart below. I hope there are some guys listening in. ;)

Meant to be Mine (A Porter Family Novel, #2)Meant to Be Mine
(A Porter Family Novel #2)
by Becky Wade
Christian Romance
May 2014 by Bethany House Publishers


Ty Porter has always been irresistible to Celia Park. All through high school—irresistible. When their paths cross again after college—still irresistible. This time, though, Ty seems to feel exactly the same way about Celia. Their whirlwind romance deposits them at a street-corner Las Vegas wedding chapel.

The next morning they wake to a marriage certificate and a dose of cold reality. Celia’s ready to be Ty’s wife, but Ty’s not ready to be her husband. He’s a professional bull rider, he lives on the road, and he’s long planned to settle down with the hometown girl he’s known since childhood.

Five and a half years pass. Celia’s buried her dreams so that she can afford to raise her daughter. Ty’s achieved all of his goals. Or thought he had, until he looks again into the eyes of the woman he couldn’t forget and into the face of the child he never knew he had.

How much will Ty sacrifice to win back Celia’s trust and prove to her that their spontaneous marriage can still become the love of a lifetime?


Tens List
by Becky Wade

As you can see, much of Meant to Be Mine's plot revolves around a hero who didn't snag the heroine when he had the chance and spends much of the rest of the book trying (hard) to win her back.  Thus, Tressa and I decided it might be fun to create a list centered around....


1. Get yourself right with God.  A man who knows he's been saved by grace is a man who possesses the level of humility needed to love a woman unselfishly.

2. Avoid groveling.  They guy who grovels is not the guy who makes anyone's heart beat faster.

3. Perform acts of service. Grocery shopping, sweeping, cooking, yard work, dog sitting, etc.

4. Give gifts.  Steer clear, however, of items that are clearly transparent gifts to yourself like: skimpy clothing, high heels, Botox, an ironing board.  Choose gifts centered on HER passions and hobbies.

5. Apologize for the error of your ways.  Admit you were very, very wrong to have passed over someone so perfect.

6. Be a true friend to her.

7. Scare off other potential boyfriends.

8. Make her laugh.  The man who can make a woman laugh is the man who remains attractive long after his looks have faded.

9. Become fabulously successful at your own career.  You'll suddenly become a lot more desirable to every female on the planet.

10. Hit the gym.  It's difficult not to give a man with a rock hard body a second chance.

About the Author

During her childhood in California, Becky frequently produced homemade plays starring her sisters, friends, and cousins. These plays almost always featured a heroine, a prince, and a love story with a happy ending. She's been a fan of all things romantic ever since.

Becky and her husband lived overseas in the Caribbean and Australia before settling in Dallas, Texas. It was during her years abroad that Becky's passion for reading turned into a passion for writing. She published three historical romances for the general market, put her career on hold for many years to care for her kids, and eventually returned to writing sheerly for the love of it. Her first contemporary Christian romance, My Stubborn Heart, has been named a finalist for Romance Writers of America's RITA Award. Her newest release,Undeniably Yours, is available now.

These days Becky can be found failing but trying to keep up with her housework, sweating at the gym, carting her kids around town, playing tennis, hunched over her computer, eating chocolate, or collapsed on the sofa watching TV with her husband.

Other books by Becky (click on the covers to take you to Goodreads):
My Stubborn Heart Undeniably Yours (A Porter Family Novel, #1)
Right now My Stubborn Heart is at an awesome price of $2.99 for Nook and $2.51 for Kindle.

The first giveaway is for US Continental entrants ONLY and this is what you can win:
- A copy of Bound by Prophecy and Shifting Fate by Melissa Wright + Prize Pack
- ARC of The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith
- Copy of Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay
- Copy of Meant to Be Mine (releasing in May and will be delivered then) by Becky Wade
- Copy of After Hello + Swag
- Copy of Pivot Point or Split Second by Kasie West (winner's choice)
- Signed paperback of Echo in Time by C.J. Hill
- ARC of Friends and Traitors by C.J. Hill
- Signed copy of The Art of Wishing or Signed ARC of The Fourth Wish by Lindsay Ribar (winner's choice)

The second giveaway is for International entrants ONLY.
- One book by a participating Blogoversary author (authors listed on the schedule above) of $15 USD or less from the Book Depository (winner's choice). Book Depository must ship to you for free to be eligible.
- ebook (Kindle or Nook) of Dear Mr. Knightley
- ebook (Kindle or Nook) of Slayers by C.J. Hill

All my usual requirements apply.
Ends February 28th.

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