A female Holmes and Watson team... The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder by Rachel McMillian (Blog Tour Review & Giveaway)

I've always loved Sherlock Holmes and the various run-offs produced both in the literary and film worlds, so I was rather excited to get my hands on The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder. Let me tell you, it was fabulous! Check out the book, my full review, and the giveaway below...

The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder (Herringford and Watts, #1)The Bahelor Girl's Guide to Murder
(Herringford & Watts Mysteries #1)
by Rachel McMillan
Christian Historical Romantic Suspense
Paperback & ebook, 219 Pages
March 1st 2016 by Harvest House


In 1910 Toronto, while other bachelor girls perfect their domestic skills and find husbands, two friends perfect their sleuthing skills and find a murderer.

Inspired by their fascination with all things Sherlock Holmes, best friends and flatmates Merinda and Jem launch a consulting detective business. The deaths of young Irish women lead Merinda and Jem deeper into the mire of the city’s underbelly, where the high hopes of those dreaming to make a new life in Canada are met with prejudice and squalor.

While searching for answers, donning disguises, and sneaking around where no proper ladies would ever go, they pair with Jasper Forth, a police constable, and Ray DeLuca, a reporter in whom Jem takes a more than professional interest. Merinda could well be Toronto’s premiere consulting detective, and Jem may just find a way to put her bachelor girlhood behind her forever–if they can stay alive long enough to do so.

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My Review

THE BACHELOR GIRL'S GUIDE TO MURDER was an absolutely fantastic read! The characters, setting, suspense, and romance were all spot on, blending into a highly enjoyable read. Recommended to readers who like Sherlock Holmes, women who go against societal norms to be detectives and even dress as men to do so part of the time, a fabulous but honest Edwardian historical setting, adventure, suspense, witty banter, some seriously fabulous chemistry, and superb writing.

Want to know more why you should read this? Let me list the reasons...

Characters. Not only are Merinda and Jem strong, complex, and lovable characters, they're also matched by some fabulous men who just add more charm, depth, and fun to the story. Merinda has similarities to Holmes, but also has her own quirks. I found her to be refreshing and completely entertaining. Jem is more of a traditional woman in many ways, but also had a romantic and adventurous spirit. She keeps Merinda grounded sometimes and other times she's what Merinda needs to make her plans and investigating work. I loved this friend-team. Ray is quite a character on his own. A character I loved. He was so conflicted about so many things, but had such a good heart, was intelligent, charming, and a true gentleman. Jasper is another hero who held his own. He was quite entertaining as well. Gavin was a character who wasn't quite as complex, but played his role well. What made the characters so fabulous to me was that they were each unique, had their own voice, were complex, and I connected with them. I fell in love with them all (except one, but I won't spoil it by telling you who!)!

Plot. Seriously the plot! I loved how these girls worked and how the POV switched back and forth from Ray to Jem to Merinda. I loved that I wasn't ever 100% sure who was the lead villain and who all was involved. I had guesses, of course, but the author did good in always leaving room for doubt. The suspense ramps up quite dangerously towards the end and I was hanging on pretty tight. Plus, there is so much more going on than just murder. Even at the end, there is still a slight buzz of suspense for what is to come. And I. Can't. Wait! And did I mention that this wasn't all about suspense, but also a dear friendship, political intrigue, and also this next reason to love this book...

Romance. Chemistry. Lines that will make you swoon (seriously this needs to be on audiobook with a great voice for Ray, please), other moments that are purely sweet, and some that are so hilarious and mortifying. There was such a good mix here. I also appreciated that the romance never overtook the story.

Inspiration. The inspirational aspect was light (definitely recommend to general romance/cozy mystery readers), but it was there. I loved that it was naturally weaved through the story. It was manifested in a friendship, in some journal entries that touched a heart, and in the words of a priest that touched mine:

Again, in case you're in any doubt, I loved this story and highly recommend it! I will be reading both the novellas and eagerly anticipating the next full novel to be released this fall. It can't come soon enough! 

Here's another quote from a favorite part of the story:

The author has some fun facts on her blog here that you may want to check out too.

Content: Some violence and innuendo, but clean.

Source: Received a complimentary copy from the publisher through Litfuse Publicity, which did not affect my review in any way.

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About the Author

Rachel McMillan

Rachel McMillan is a keen history enthusiast and a lifelong bibliophile. When not writing or reading, she can most often be found drinking tea and watching British miniseries. Rachel lives in bustling Toronto, where she works in educational publishing and pursues her passion for art, literature, music, and theater.

Tour-Wide Giveaway

Meet best friends and flatmates Merinda and Jem, who launch their own Sherlock Holmes-esque consulting detective business in 1910 Toronto in Rachel McMillan’s The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder. The deaths of young Irish women lead Merinda and Jem deeper into the mire of the city’s underbelly. Merinda could well be Toronto’s premiere consulting detective, and Jem may just find a way to put her bachelor girlhood behind her forever–if they can stay alive long enough to do so.

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