Blog Ahead Mini - May 2016 (Sign-Up & Updates)

I've participated a couple of times in Blog Ahead and it has always been worth it. This is a mini event (half the time of the full one) and is from May 1st - 15th. This year my goal is to schedule all the posts for when we'll be gone for vacation this summer. If you're interested, read all the details and sign up here.

This post acts as my sign-up, updates, and wrap-up all in one. :) I'll be tracking everything below...

3 / 15 posts. 20% done.

Week 1 (May 1 - 7) = __ posts
S=0  M=0  T=0  W=3  T=0  F=0  S=0

Week 2 (May 8 - 15) = __ posts
S=0  M=0  T=0  W=0  T=0  F=0  S=0  S=0

Are you participating?

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