Mortal among those with immortality... Fear My Mortality by Everly Frost (Blog Tour Guest Post & Giveaway)

I find the premise for this one quite interesting and loved reading it (see my 5-star review here)! I'm happy to welcome the author here today to answer one of my questions, so check that out, the book, and the giveaway below...

Fear My Mortality
(Mortal Eternity #1)
by Everly Frost
YA SciFi, Dystopian
Paperback & ebook, 342 Pages
April 5th 2016 by Month9Books


The future is bright for 16-year-old Ava Holland and the residents of Evereach. They don’t have to worry about old age or even getting sick. In their world, humans regenerate, heal, and live for hundreds of years. Mortality isn’t something to fear. Disease has been all but eradicated. Everything changes when Ava watches her brother die and he doesn’t regenerate. Ava’s genetics are called into question by the government, scientists, extremists, and Ava herself. Could her genes hold the answer to mortality? Is she an anomaly or something to be feared? Determined not to become anyone’s guinea pig, Ava doesn’t stick around to find out. She wants answers too, but the only person who can help her is 17-year-old Michael Bradley, the boy who killed her brother. If either of them have even the slightest chance of survival, they must find the genetic keys hidden in Ava’s DNA before it’s too late.

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Guest Post: Mortal vs. Powerful

I'd like to welcome author Everly Frost to my blog today! 

I asked her about the inspiration behind her story, specifically my interest in that her taking the norm in literature, usually a group of mortal characters with one or a few with special powers or who are immortal, and flipping it to having all the characters being immortal and then one who is just mortal (not that any of us are exactly that). Here's what she had to say:

At the heart of what inspired me to switch around the mortal versus the powerful, is this:
Some of the bravest, most courageous acts come from unexpected places.

I think that every single person has the capacity to do amazing things. Those who are perceived as weak, can actually be incredibly strong, especially in the choices they make and in the way they deal with what life throws at them. That’s not to say that Ava isn’t physically strong. She’s a dancer who has trained all her life, which has contributed to keeping her alive in her world. But in her world, she’s not only considered weak but also an abhorrence to society – all based on perceptions that have nothing to do with who she really is. I wanted a main character who fights through every challenge, draws on her courage, and doesn’t let anyone tell her who she should be or what she should feel. For me, it all comes down to heart.

Thanks so much for having me here today!

Thanks for stopping by, Everly!

About the Author

Everly Frost wrote her first story when she was nine. She grew up in a country town, lived for a little while in Japan, and worked for several years in Canberra, Australia's capital city. Now, Everly lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband and two children. She doesn't speak Japanese so often anymore, has left the cold Canberra winters behind, but has never stopped writing.

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