Dragonkyn by Nathan Smith Jones (Blog Tour Spotlight)

I've read some really good books in the past year with dragons in them one way
or another, so this one grabbed my interest right away. Find out more below...

by Nathan Smith Jones
YA Urban Fantasy, Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 224 Pages
February 14th 2017 by Cedar Fort, Inc.


Marc Mondragon is your average teenager: always getting into trouble, crushing on the pretty girl in school. But when strange things begin happening to his body, Marc is thrust into a new world where dragons are no longer just fairytales. Now knowing he’s part dragon, Marc joins a group of Dragonkyn who call themselves Sorceron. As Marc discovers new powers within himself, he starts to wonder how much he can really trust his fellow Dragonkyn. After the leader of Sorceron orders the rest of the group to kill Marc, he flees. But when he discovers that people are going to attack the Sorceron, Marc is faced with a dilemma. Will he try to help the Dragonkyn who tried to kill him?

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About the Author

Nathan Smith Jones has always loved teaching and writing. Yes, his book was dedicated to his children, Ilona, Alina, Richard, Evelynn, and Dmitrii, but he was also inspired to write the book for his many students at Renaissance Academy and Freedom Academy (yes, that includes you, Mr. Jacob Cano!)

He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in English Literature in 1997 and a Masters Degree in Secondary Education from Utah State University in 2008.

Nathan believes in the power of stories, and in the power of The Vibe, the energy source that gives power to and connects all dragonkyn.

Have you read other books with dragons that you enjoyed?

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