16 Chilling Reads to Get You Ready for Halloween

Do  you like creepy reads? Maybe your tastes run more towards mysteries, or maybe thrillers are your thing. Of course you could like a little paranormal or fantasy to give you some chills, or all of the above. Either way, I'm sharing some releases from this year that are sure to give you at least a few chills, just in time for Halloween...

These three books all focus on a mystery and a duo to solve the case:

Hunting Prince Dracula

This story if full of things that go bump in the night, but the main characters don't believe all the rumors and decide that they will find out what is really going on.AmazonMy Review

Retribution Rails

Set in the historic wild West two characters use each other for their own purposes as they search for a gunslinger.Amazon

The Last of August

If you're a Sherlock fan and like stories based off of him then give this series a try. This sophomore release is more action and clue following to the climatic ending.Amazon

These next books all deal with the character trying to figure out what really happened when death occurred:

13 Minutes

What would it like to wake up after dying and not remember what happened? Well, this character does just that and won't stop until she figures out what happened.Amazon

Fragments of the Lost

What if what you thought you knew about your deceased boyfriend was far from the truth leading you to believe that he didn't die as innocently as you were lead to believe? Jessa must pick up the fragments to find the answers.Amazon


She should know what happened when her sister died, but her memories are gone. Something is not right and she must figure out why her sister is dead.Amazon

These books are full of drama and a killer on the loose:

There's Someone Inside Your House

When teens all around Makani begin getting murdered she has to face her own past to survive. A horrific tale with humor and romance from this popular contemporary romance author.Amazon

Little Monsters

Being the new girl is bad enough. Being the new girl framed for murder? Not much worse than that.Amazon

One of Us Is Lying

One of these four teens murdered their classmate. They were all there, so it must be one of them. Right?Amazon

We All Fall Down

Two teens who secretly crush on each other get entangled in a crazy fight that turns disastrous and someone wants them to pay.Amazon

Like Never and Always

One girl finds herself in another's body after a freak accident and finds that the girl she thought had it all was hiding dark secrets.Amazon

Do you like a little paranormal in your stories? These have spells, dark powers or a spooky house:

Haunting the Deep

This curse may be the death of her as she fights to break free before she also drowns as a passenger on the Titanic.Amazon


They're ordered to end lives as Scythes in order to keep their own, but there it isn't quite that simple...Amazon

Spellbook of the Lost and Found

Things start going missing in this town while a group of characters try to use a spellbook to find what they've lost. The only thing is that those aren't the only things the book will find.Amazon

The Breathless

Mae doesn't believe in the dead coming back to life, but finds her dead sister's boyfriend shockingly alive a year after her sister died. There were dark secrets her sister was hiding and Mae must find a way to escape them.Amazon

The Devils You Know

The perfect story to give readers chills on a dark night... Five teens with their own secrets find that their field trip to a spooky, old house unveils its own dark secret that they may never escape.Amazon

Do you like to read something spooky around Halloween time? Have you read any of these?

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