Paws for Love and Love at First Bark by Dana Mentink (Reviews)

Paws for Love
(Love Unleashed #3)
by Dana Mentink
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 224 Pages
February 1st 2017 by Harvest House Publishers


The Only Thing Sweet About Jellybean Is His Name

Jellybean the terrier is about to unleash some serious mayhem on the unsuspecting town of Albatross.

There's no quiet on the set when over-the-hill screen star Lawrence Tucker brings his naughty terrier, Jellybean, on location to the beachside town of Albatross, California. When Jellybean develops a rapport with Tucker's violin tutor, the painfully shy, socially awkward Misty Agnelli, her arm is twisted into minding the mischievous animal. Trailing Jellybean leads Misty into the candy store of Bill Woodson, a handsome chocolatier with a painful secret and a three-year-old niece to raise. 

Misty must deal with the unstable Tucker, a temperamental Jellybean, her budding feelings for the mysterious Bill, and the high-pressure atmosphere on the set. Though she wants nothing more than to flee, how can she tell her Grandma, Lawrence Tucker's biggest fan, that she abandoned the star and his dog? 

It's actors, animals, and antics galore when Jellybean gives his own heartwarming performance.

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My Review

PAWS FOR LOVE was full of mischief, a little mayhem, and some sweet romance. The inspirational element was weaved through the story naturally with genuine characters and an enjoyable plot. An overall lovely read!

Jellybean really does run all sorts of mischief in this story. Who knew a dog could cause so much havoc? The story was a little quirky in places, but what really won me over were Misty and Bill, who are so genuine. They meet by chance, due to Jellybean, and continue to run into each other, which builds a friendship and eventually they're in love before they even realize they've fallen. They also each have their own demons and I loved the way the inspirational aspect came into play and how natural it felt in the story. The romance is super sweet, with a few sparks. It's really quite perfect. I couldn't help loving these characters and wanting them to find their happily-ever-after ending.

In the end, was it what I wished for? I really enjoyed this one with all it's quirkiness, dog antics, sweet little girl moments, and tender romance. If you've enjoyed this author's other books or inspirational contemporary romance, definitely give this story a try!

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Love at First Bark
(Love Unleashed)
by Dana Mentink
Christian Contemporary Romance, Novella
ebook, 60 Pages
April 25th 2017 by Harvest House Publishers


There's Just Something About Jackson

When Marcy Deveraux's romance series catapults to the top of the New York Times bestseller list, no one is more surprised than Marcy herself. After all, she barely passed high school, flunked the driving test four times, and fell into a pool at her sister's wedding.

Marcy is keen to continue her literary success, but she cannot think of a single idea for her next book. Hounded by her agent, family, and friends, she decides to sequester herself in a rustic cabin in the mountains. There, she finds herself face-to-snout with a surprise visitor—a rascally black dog who must have escaped from his owner at a nearby campground.

Enter hunky cowboy Jackson Parker, who runs the stables for the campground and helps Marcy survive the antics of the ill-behaved, zany dog. There's something tender and gentle about this man, who could easily grace the cover of any romance novel. Soon Jackson has Marcy rethinking her own beliefs about what heroes are really made of...and what God intends for her life.

It's cowboys, canines, and capers galore in this charming novella for animal lovers.

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My Review

LOVE AT FIRST BARK is a sweet and humorous story about a gal who is still figuring out what she wants to do with her life and a guy who doesn't want to be pushed aside because he's not enough. If you enjoy Mentink's series, dogs full of personality, and a short and fun story, then definitely give this one a go!

I love how the dogs in this series are strong characters and have quite a bit to do with the story in some ways. The dog in this story was no different and played his role well in getting the two main characters together and creating quite a bit of humor. So, about those main characters... I really liked Marcy and Jackson! They both have their qualms about some things in their past that they have to move past, but they're characters that are easy to relate to. The romance is fairly quick, but I liked that the characters know that they haven't spent a lot of time together and are trying to figure out if they they're ready to dive in to more.

In the end, was it what I wished for? This was a fun and sweet story that I enjoyed from beginning to end.

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