Let's Discuss the New EU General Data Protection Regulations - Do they affect you?

Have you heard about the new General Data Protection Regulations?

I think I would have completely missed it except that I got an email from MailChimp making sure I was aware and made the needed changes. At first I was like, I better look into that, but then I started getting more email from other services and from other tour hosts. A busy week ended up becoming even busier. I really didn't have time to go through everything, but I have to say, that I'm glad I checked.

Does the GDPR affect you?

It affected me big time for running virtual book tours. I had to send emails out to make sure that all my subscribers really wanted to subscribe. To me that's a little redundant. They did sign up. However, I'm not, nor have ever, been someone who just added emails to my subscriber list.

I think these new regulations are set up to get rid of those who are spamming or who do email or contact individuals who have no interest in being contacted or marketed.

All my email/newsletter subscriptions have an unsubscribe link. I also have always had policies written and included on my blog, pretty much from day one. You can see them here. It did get me to go through and make some updates. I need to do more updating, but I made sure I'm compliant. I live in the US, but not all my followers or subscribers do, so I need to make sure that I meet what is required.

Need some resources for GDPR?

I found a few sources that were quite helpful in figuring out what I needed to do without reading the entire legal requirements myself. I'm sure there are a ton of resources, to the point of being overwhelming, but these two seemed fairly straight-forward and gave me the answers I needed:

Let me know what sources you found helpful. And if you're a newsletter subscriber or a tour host for Prism Book Tours and other tour services, I hope you update and confirm and continue to be an active part of this awesome blogging community! :)

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