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Road of a Warrior
(The Silvan #2)
By R.K. Lander
YA Epic Fantasy
ebook, 300 Pages
April 28th 2018


A light in the forest, a king returned, a past to claim …

Fel’annár is an immortal half-blood warrior from the Deep Forest, an orphan whose questions were never answered. With a dream of becoming a Silvan captain in an army ruled by the Alpine elves, he is sent to protect a prince of the realm on a journey to Tar’eastór, land of the mighty Alpine elves and of Fel’annár’s own father – whoever he was.

His nascent power will continue to evolve as his shrouded past finally surfaces. The truth he never thought to hear will thrust him onto a path strewn with political intrigue, discrimination, danger and self-discovery.

Meanwhile, a failing king will rise from the ashes of grief and reclaim his place as leader of the Great Forest. Warriors will battle the enemy on the borders, while at court, councillors will clash over the racial divide that is pulling them apart. 

They say that civil war is coming, but one warrior can avoid it – if he can embrace his past, control his powers and accept the role he is destined to play.

From warrior to master and beyond, Fel’annár is The Silvan who can restore peace in the Great Forest, or cast it into eternal chaos.

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“Warriors to me!” shouted the lieutenant, and he was immediately joined by two Alpines who took up defensive positions over the crumpling form of Pan’assár. Fel’annár made his own way towards them, but his progress was slow. A Deviant rushed him from the side, not fast enough, and Fel’annár danced out of the way before cutting through its abdomen. Another approached from behind and Galadan turned in time to see its ugly head tower over Fel’annár’s shoulder. Opening his mouth to call a warning, he promptly closed it as Fel’annár thrust his sword backwards and then scooted to one side as the Deviant fell forwards.
Galadan nodded at the bloodied Silvan as he joined them. There were hardly any warriors left; none in the trees and but a handful of them here, defending the life of their commander, and still, the Deviants came.
Fel’annár nodded at them as he came to stand beside Galadan, checking his stance, steadying his breathing. He would need all his skill to survive this fight.
The enemy wailed as they ran, and Fel’annár closed his eyes, opening them to the other world, the one in which he swam in blue, purple, and green waves of energy he did not fully understand. Had he done that? he wondered. Had he transformed himself purposefully? Had he controlled it?
The wails were silenced, and his heart was the only sound he could hear now, that and the rush of breath as he inhaled and exhaled. There was the low drone of something outside himself, rhythmic and powerful, and he thought perhaps it was the light in his eyes that emitted it.
He moved his sword arm before him, his sabre in his other hand, aloft like the steely horn of some mythical creature. He watched as they came. But then something quite unexpected happened; they stopped before him.
The foremost Deviant was taller even than Fel’annár, as bulky as Ramien, one side of its face eaten away. It stood silently for a moment, a strange clicking sound coming from its throat while the remaining Deviants were behind it, unmoving. This was their leader, realised Fel’annár.
“Blessed Aria,” pleaded an Alpine warrior beside him.
Leathery skin stretched over rotten teeth, a mockery of a smile, and a surge of power pulsed through The Silvan’s veins, setting his eyes to blazing and his hair to swimming around him. It was not the first time it had happened, but it was the first time he could feel it, hear it, aware of the other presence in his mind and the power it lent him.
The Deviant screamed in wrath, black veins puffing in its throat, body shaking with the force of the screech, and in a second it was upon Fel’annár. The other Deviants surged forwards, and Galadan and the two remaining warriors were immersed in a desperate battle for their lives.
Fel’annár’s last thought before the scimitar came towards him was for The Company.
‘Protect them—Aria,’ he whispered into the breeze, and although he could not hear it, the boughs rustled, complicit.


Other Books in the Series

Path of a Novice
(The Silvan #1)
By R.K. Lander
YA Epic Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 219 Pages
October 20th 2017

A land at war, a failing king, a light in the forest …

Centuries ago, the powerful Alpine lords colonised the Great Forest. The native Silvan elves were accepting at first, but one elf’s lust for power is threatening peace and driving a wedge between the two, immortal races. Leaders against followers, commanders against warriors.

Fel’annár is an orphan with a million questions and no answers - his Silvan mother died and no one speaks of his Alpine father. With the face of an Alpine and the heart of a Silvan, the boy steps into this conflicted world with nothing in his pocket but a dream: to be a Silvan captain in an army commanded by Alpines, an army desperately struggling to hold its borders.

Fel’annár’s path as a novice warrior will teach him more than warfare. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, he must learn to deal with his personal conflicts and with an emerging power he is yet to understand.

From recruit to novice warrior and beyond, Fel’annár is the Silvan that could change the balance of power and alter his world forever.

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About the Author

I am one of the biggest elf geeks I have ever met. First inspired by the world of Tolkien, I began writing short stories, until the idea of the Silvan popped into my head. That was no short story but a sprawling 900 pages of epic fantasy.

The Silvan is my first publshed work, an epic / military fantasy with paranormal overtones. The story revolves around the figure of a Silvan elf, Fel'annar. The first in the series, Path of a Novice was published April 2017 and the second book is due to launch 28th April, 2018. A projected third book should be available in 2019.

I love connecting with readers, so please pop in and say hello. I’d love to hear your feedback and comments.

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