A five-star read for inspirational contemporary romance fans... Brunch at Bittersweet Café by Carla Laureano (Review)

Brunch at Bittersweet Café
(Supper Club #2)
By Carla Laureano
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 432 Pages
February 5th 2019 by Tyndale House Publishers


From the RITA Award–winning author of Five Days in Skye comes a sweet, romantic treat that will leave you hungry for more.

Baker and pastry chef Melody Johansson has always believed in finding the positive in every situation, but seven years after she moved to Denver, she can’t deny that she’s stuck in a rut. One relationship after another has ended in disaster, and her classical French training is being wasted on her night job in a mediocre chain bakery. Then the charming and handsome private pilot Justin Keller lands on the doorstep of her workplace in a snowstorm, and Melody feels like it’s a sign that her luck is finally turning around.

Justin is intrigued by the lively bohemian baker, but the last thing he’s looking for is a relationship. His own romantic failures have proven that the demands of his job are incompatible with meaningful connections, and he’s already pledged his life savings to a new business venture across the country—an island air charter in Florida with his sister and brother-in-law.

Against their better judgment, Melody and Justin find themselves drawn together by their unconventional career choices and shared love of adventure. But when an unexpected windfall provides Melody with the chance to open her dream bakery-café in Denver with her best friend, chef Rachel Bishop, she’s faced with an impossible choice: stay and put down roots with the people and place she’s come to call home . . . or give it all up for the man she loves.

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My Review

BRUNCH AT BITTERSWEET CAFÉ is a wonderful, heartfelt story that readers will love from beginning to end! The likable characters, small town charm, sweet friendships, and beautiful romance make for the perfect read.

I knew from the first chapter that this story was going to be good. And it was. I loved the characters! I loved how they changed and developed, how they faced challenges and choices, how their faith grew. I loved the friendships and the family. Melody's friend, Rachel, did get on my nerves and I wouldn't have minded a little more apology there and some work through, but that was literally the only thing that bugged me in this story—and even then, it was realistic. The inspirational element was on the lighter side and weaved through the story well. It never came off as preachy and I actually felt it came across very genuine. I especially adored the romance. I could feel the chemistry between these too and there were some very swoon-worthy moments. I loved Melody and couldn't help falling in love with Justin (he totally made my book boyfriend list). I admired their loyalties and choices even when it wasn't always what they (or even I) wanted. Then the ending... did I already mention some swooning? More of that here.

In the end, was it what I wished for? I seriously. Loved. This! If you're a Christian contemporary romance fan or loved the first book (which I must go back and read!), then I highly recommend this. More, please.

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Source: I received a complimentary ARC from the publisher, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way.

Other Books in the Series

The Saturday Night Supper Club
(Supper Club #1)
By Carla Laureano
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 416 Pages
February 6th 2018 by Tyndale House Publishers


Denver chef Rachel Bishop has accomplished everything she’s dreamed and some things she never dared hope, like winning a James Beard award and heading up her own fine-dining restaurant. But when a targeted smear campaign causes her to be pushed out of the business by her partners, she vows to do whatever it takes to get her life back … even if that means joining forces with the man who inadvertently set the disaster in motion.

Essayist Alex Kanin never imagined his pointed editorial would go viral. Ironically, his attempt to highlight the pitfalls of online criticism has the opposite effect: it revives his own flagging career by destroying that of a perfect stranger. Plagued by guilt-fueled writer’s block, Alex vows to do whatever he can to repair the damage. He just doesn’t expect his interest in the beautiful chef to turn personal.

Alex agrees to help rebuild Rachel’s tarnished image by offering his connections and his home to host an exclusive pop-up dinner party targeted to Denver’s most influential citizens: the Saturday Night Supper Club. As they work together to make the project a success, Rachel begins to realize Alex is not the unfeeling opportunist she once thought he was, and that perhaps there’s life–and love–outside the pressure-cooker of her chosen career. But can she give up her lifelong goals without losing her identity as well?

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