Weekly Update #305, it decidedly still feels like winter...

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We have been experiencing below normal temps and this coming week is actually supposed to be as cold as winter gets where I am, which is surprising as we move towards the end of February. I won't complain though. It's the most use I've gotten out of my hoodies and long-sleeved shirts and boots, so I'm enjoying it as I can. Plus I'm hopeful that might mean we won't have to turn on the AC by spring break. One can hope, right?

We are all still getting over being sick and fighting allergies. For the most part we're just about there, except my youngest who has had a fever since Friday night. It's so weird when they just get fevers out of the blue without other symptoms. We've been keeping her on pain relievers so it doesn't spike as it's been near 103 too much for my comfort. Hopefully by tomorrow it'll finally break and she'll get better.

I got some decent reading in this week and am starting to catch up. Hopefully that will continue. I still have two books that are late for review that I'm hoping to get to this week. I have enjoyed almost everything I've been reading, so that's a plus as well. I have some fabulous books waiting for me too (like KING OF SCARS) that I really would like to get to, but to get to them I have to finish the books that are scheduled for tours. 

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