Weekly Update #330, officially back on a schedule...

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It's been a really busy week with the kids all back in school and trying to catch up on some things and get back to a regular schedule. So far the kids are all doing well, so we're happy about that. One of my sons has fought with ADHD for years and we finally put him on meds. We didn't want to and have been trying other tactics and watching his diet, but we decided we should try this route. It's the most difficult thing as a parent to watch your kid struggle like this - where he realizes that he should be able to understand and process something but can't figure out how to make his brain do it, especially when he is whip smart in other areas. We've tried two different meds, but these ones seem to be working really well. I have literally been able to tell that his brain is actually processing instead of him immediately reacting or just being lost. We're hoping this year will be much easier because of that. I also have been behind in my reading, so I've been playing catch-up there too. Hopefully this week will settle down a little. 

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