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Hidden Current
(The Dancing Realms #1)
By Sharon Hinck
Christian Fantasy
Hardcover & ebook, 280 Pages
January 14th 2020 by Enclave Publishing


The dancers of the Order direct their floating world of Meriel with their movements, but are they steering it toward destruction ?

Calara spent her life learning dance patterns and seeking to become the perfect servant to her people. When she discovers the work of the Order is built on lies, she flees with a rough-edged herder, Brantley of Windswell. Pursued by soldiers of the Order, her journey through the suffering villages of the rim leads her to a forgotten truth that sends ripples through her world—and through her soul.

Calara’s seeks clues to her forgotten family, discovers newfound courage in the face of danger, and awakens a growing but forbidden affection for Brantley. Yet even his support can’t fully be trusted, since he’d rather destroy the Order than bring reform.

She is a lone woman facing opposition from rim villages and treachery from the all-powerful Order. Can she restore the dance to its true purpose and bring freedom and hope to her people?

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Author Interview

Would you tell us what inspired you to write Hidden Current?

A number of influences blended together to inspire the book. My agent suggested I draw from my years as a dancer, ballet teacher, and choreographer, which triggered an idea for a character.

At the same time, I was mulling an Old Testament chapter: 2 Kings 22. In verse 8, it reads, “ Hilkiah the high priest said to Shaphan the secretary, ‘I have found the Book of the Law in the temple of the Lord.’ He gave it to Shaphan, who read it.” The heartbreak of that story is that God’s word to His people was lost and forgotten for years. So I imagined a world where that had happened, and created a heroine who searches for forgotten truth.

I’ve been fascinated by cults and have done a lot of research into various ones, so I drew from that to shape the Order that controls everything in the story world.

I also drew from my struggle with pain when circumstances stripped away much of my identity. My character grapples with that issue, giving me a chance to dig into questions about these life struggles—a type of challenge many of us face at some time or another.

What one piece of advice would Calara give?

Striving for perfection is a horrible burden. And the goalpost keeps moving so you can never reach it. But once you get to know the Maker, you can find a greater purpose, and His love brings freedom.

What is your favorite thing about the book’s cover?

The dancer’s lovely line and technique captures the energy of a world where dance is important. The uplifted face hints at worship, and the flexed hands keep it from being our world’s classical ballet. The background also shows one of my favorite elements of the story world – star rain falling. And the lower background has hints of patterns, and the dancers of the Order rely on patterns.

What part or aspect of this story do you love the most?

Most of my novels have only small hints of romantic threads, (often between a married couple), but in Hidden Current, I enjoyed focusing a little more on the relationship between the dancer and a rough-edged herder from the world’s rim. Their differences, but growing appreciation for each other, was fun to explore.

What are you working on next?

I’ve finished edits on Forsaken Island (Book 2 of the Dancing Realm series) and am polishing my manuscript of Windward Shore (Book 3 of the Dancing Realm series.) It’s SO fun to further develop the characters from Hidden Current and take them on new adventures.

About the Author

Award-winning author of the ground-breaking Sword of Lyric series, Sharon Hinck is a wife, mom, and recent grandma, has an M.A. in communication, and has served as the artistic director of a Christian performing arts group, a church youth worker, and a professional choreographer, and an adjunct writing professor. To learn more about her writing, visit her at

More from Sharon

Have you ever felt that nothing you do is ever enough? Not good enough? Meaningful enough? Do you ever think that if you could be more perfect, all your problems would be solved? In my new novel, I explore a character whose entire culture tells her that she must achieve perfection – and that answers to her world’s problems rest solely on human effort. Set in an imaginative fantasy world, I hope her journey will ring true for readers in our world.

I’m so excited to finally be able to share my new novel, Hidden Current, with readers. Can you see me Snoopy dancing?

And speaking of dancing …

What inspired this new series?

Years before I wrote my first novel, I worked as a dance teacher, choreographer, and artistic director of a Christian dance company. So, when my agent and I were discussing ideas for my next book, he said, “In all your other novels, you’ve never drawn from your experience in dance. I’d love to see you create a brand-new fantasy world and utilize dance in some way.”

I began mulling the idea, and within days, a character had come to life.

In my new novel, Hidden Current, the dancers of the Order direct their floating world with their movements but are steering it toward destruction. One lone dancer fights to overcome opposition from rim villages and treachery from the all-powerful Order and bring a forgotten truth to her people.

Is this part of a series?

Yes, but this is a stand-alone story. That means that although I’ve written more books with these characters, you don’t have to wait for the series to release, fearing an unresolved ending to book one. The story is complete of itself, with just a hint of the next adventure to follow. I’ve already done my revisions on the second book and have finished writing book three. J

Why should I order soon?

This is being released in limited edition hardcover. That means when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Is this similar to the Sword of Lyric books?

Yes and no. It’s not a “portal fantasy” – no modern-day character visits this world. However, like my other fantasy series, the book was inspired by spiritual themes, delves deeply into the heart of a character that many of us can relate to, and paints a unique story world full of both beauty and dangers. I’m so excited for its release!

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Tour-Wide Giveaway

To celebrate her tour, Sharon is giving away to two winners each the grand prize of a gift box full of goodies including: a Hidden Current book bag, a selection of other books by Sharon Hinck, Tsalla tea from Adagio (the tea they drink in the novel), chocolates, a packet of “star rain” (also from the book), an artistic book mark, and autographed book plate!!

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