Weekly Update #353, another year older...

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This week was fairly busy. One of my daughters is in the middle of her volleyball season, which means practices and games all week. The other had a field trip this week that I went on, which also happened to be my birthday so I spent it with a bunch of kids. Lol! I did enjoy spending time with my daughter though. Adult birthdays are not as exciting, you just get older. I did refuse to make dinner so we went out to eat, and I got Marvel's Power of a Girl that I've had on my wish list for a while. It's super fun to look through!

I am not getting a whole lot of reading in and it's bugging me. Just trying to keep on top of tours and blogging and life. I'm a lot more relaxed when I can get reading time in each day. Hopefully this week will allow that. 🙂 I did watch the first season of Sanditon today while working on tour stuff. I'd recorded it, but my reception was bad so I went through Amazon Prime. I've a bit of a crush on Theo James and I love him in this. There are parts that aren't appropriate for young eyes and ears, which is actually a bit disappointing as I like to watch these types of shows with my girls (one 8 and one 13) and this one I can't do that with. The younger one did catch a bit of it with me towards the end and then totally complained when there wasn't more. Lol! It does end on a cliffhanger. Have you watched it?

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