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Author Q&A

ADORING ABIGAIL being your fourth novel, what did you find different in the process for writing this book? 

I think I have honed my process through my experience so I find I write fewer drafts and can produce a clean copy to submit quicker than I could at the beginning of my career.

What inspired the heroine having a speech impediment?

My books have a bit of my personal experience in them. Some perhaps have a bit more. I have a lovely aunt named Marion Brown and I wanted to pay tribute to her (the book is dedicated to her). I have had family members go through speech therapy and using that experience I wanted to create what would have been a very real situation in 1800 England.

What inspired the hero being a war hero?

The basis of the story was because I wanted Robert from my first book to have a happily ever after. He was part of a love triangle but not a bad guy. He deserved a happy ending.

In response to Robert being a war hero. We get a bit of his background in An Inconvenient Romance, so Adoring Abigail just gives us more.

What's coming next for you?

My novel that will be releasing in June 2020 is a contemporary romance with an Air Force pilot. I will get into this more but my husband is in the military so I draw on that experience. 

Adoring Abigail
By Chalon Linton
Adult Historical Romance
Paperback, Audiobook & ebook, 208 Pages
February 3rd 2020 by Covenant Communications


Captain Robert Wilkins has never aspired to grandeur. So when the returned war hero unexpectedly inherits the vast estate of Cattersley from his great-aunt, he feels woefully inadequate in his new role. Out of place in his lavish surroundings, his first glimmer of hope comes when he happens upon a lovely trespasser in his gardens.

Words have never come easily for Abigail Rutherford, and she prefers the solitude of exploring the gardens at the neighboring country estate to engaging in uncomfortable conversation. But when she unexpectedly encounters Captain Robert Wilkins in her place of solace, she is surprised at the immediate ease she feels in his presence. Soon her brightest moments are those spent with the captain. But even as their friendship grows into something more, outside forces have other plans for the two. Mr. Mead, the handsome vicar, has also taken a liking to the quiet and timid Abigail and he will stop at nothing to ensure she becomes his wife.

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My Review

ADORING ABIGAIL is a Regency romance that will tug on readers' hearts. Memorable characters and a sweet romance with an endearing plot make for a delightful story. Definitely recommended to sweet historical romance fans!

I loved these characters! Both Abigail and Robert have their challenges, and both are trying to face what life has given them and manage the best they can. Robert is surrounded by a wonderful mother and a charming sister, as well as faithful servants to help him as he comes into his new inheritance. However, Abigail has been criticized and bullied most of her life and continues to be so. My heart went out to her. Her grandmother does not see her value and is ashamed of her, as are the townspeople. There are also some villains, one unknowingly and one that is quite deceiving. I thought both were well done. I adored Hazel with her enthusiasm and general kindness, and loved her friendship with Abigail. My favorite characters were Abigail and Robert, of course. I loved seeing their relationship bloom. 

I would have liked a bit more development here and there and a few more pages to the story. I also was a bit frustrated with the characters at certain points—Abigail with her acquiescence to Mr. Mead and her grandmother, and Robert with his blindness and inaction—but I also understood their predicaments and how their personalities would lend to the situations they found themselves in. Thank goodness they do eventually figure things out and we get our happily-ever-after.

I can't resist mentioning my favorite scene (a part during a ball in the library - you'll have to read it to find out what I'm referring to) that was brilliantly played, both by the characters and the author in plotting the story in such a way. I had to admire the excellent timing, laugh at the humor, and sigh at the romantic moment. There were several other memorable moments, some of which were also quite emotional and heartbreaking, which made the ending that much sweeter.

In the end, was it what I wished for? I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! It was sweet, but also had a depth to the story with these complex characters that I couldn't help loving. I'm so looking forward to more from this author!

Content: Clean
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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About the Author

Chalon Linton was first introduced to Jane Austen by a dear friend and now she can’t get enough of handsome men in tailcoats. Her intrigue in the genre stems from a nostalgic longing for manners, wit, and true love. Fortunately, Chalon found her dashing gentleman, married him, and now lives happily ever after in Southern California.

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