#WishfulWonder April Instagram Challenge

#WishfulWonder's March Instagram Challenge is hosted by me and Rissi at Finding Wonderland. Feel free to jump on board at any time! Rissi also has a poll over on her site this month to find out what you guys like the most. Check that out here!

- You don't have to participate every single day. Of course, it's awesome if you do, but joining here and there is totally cool too.
- Rissi and I find it easiest to basically do a "photo shoot" to take the pictures we'll need for several days so that it doesn't feel like work to do a picture every day. Then you're set for a little bit. You can even use Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule posts and remind you.
- If you're not on Instagram, you can always still participate on Twitter or Facebook or wherever. :)

It's going to be another fun month of prompts!!

Please make sure that you tag your posts (whether you join through Instagram or wherever) with the hashtag #WishfulWonder. This will ensure Rissi, I, and everyone else participating can find them. We're looking forward to see what you come up with each day and sharing ours with you!

Hashtag: #WishfulWonder
Tag/Follow Tressa on Instagram @WishfulEndings
Tag/Follow Rissi on Instagram @Rissi006
Tag/Follow Tressa on Twitter: @TresSherm
Tag/Follow Rissi on Twitter: @RissiJC

Any questions? Are you going to join us this month?

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