Friday Favorites #18: Suzanne Young

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This week my favorite bookish thing is actually an author that I have really enjoyed seeing in person. I went to see Suzanne Young again on Tuesday night at a bookstore by me. She was there to launch her new book, Just Like Fate, that she co-wrote with Cat Patrick.

Why She Is a Favorite

She is so great in person! I think I like her so much because she can be rather sarcastic and so am I. Some of her comments really cracked me up.

She did something a little different this time around and had a friend interview her and then at the end opened questions up to the audience. I asked her about what she likes to read since what she writes is dark and a little sad. She said she reads romances and that the couple has to end up together in happily-ever-after. She doesn't want to read anything remotely sad. I have found this the case with other authors as well - that they tend to not read what they write.

She has several books in the works, including a novella to A Need So Beautiful titled A Desire So Deadly, that you can pre-order now and get when it releases in November. I have both books in that series (signed even), but still need to read them. I just missed out on getting an ARC of the follow-up to The Program, titled The Treatment. She said that the publisher was going to send the ARC's without covers and asked them to wait until there was a cover. Maybe next time. One can always hope! ;)

I really like how with all of her books her premises all include subjects that make me think. Just Like Fate asks what would happen on each side of a choice? A Need So Beautiful asks what is more important, yourself or doing what's best for others even if it destroys you? I also like that she writes duologies. There are so many series that could have (and probably should have) been written in two books.

Other Info From the Event

She talked about her book trailer a little bit. There's a band in the book that the two authors made up and then also wrote some lyrics for. They thought it would be really cool if they could actually get a band in real life to play their song. They did, and the band even recorded it under their band's name from the book, called Electric Freakshow. The real band is The Social Fantastic. You can hear a portion of the song from the book trailer for Just Like Fate:

To find out more about Just Like Fate's launch, you can go to Suzanne's blog. There are some fun pictures there and a Q&A between the two authors. Go check it out!
You can also find Suzanne here: Goodreads - Facebook - Twitter - Myspace

Have you read Just Like Fate? Are you planning to? It's on my list to read soon, hopefully next week. Do you have a favorite to share this week?

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