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Welcome to my tour stop for Living a Beautiful Life on Less by Danielle Wagasky! I'm always looking for ways and ideas to manage money better. The author has lots of info on her site as well. Check out my full review below...

Living a Beautiful Life on Less: The Blissful and Domestic Guide to Food, Fun, and FinancesLiving a Beautiful Life on Less:
The Blissful and Domestic Guide to Food, Fun, and Finances
by Danielle Wagasky
Paperback & ebook, 160 Pages
June 9th 2015 by Cedar Fort Publishing & Media

During her husband’s deployment to Iraq, Danielle found that she used shopping as a way to compensate for the loneliness of missing her husband. Unfortunately, the shopping habits she had learned as a teenager were destroying her peace of mind and endangering her family’s financial stability. When she realized that she could control the situation with a few habit changes, she went to work and reinvented her attitude toward money.

In the process, she has re-invented her financial future. Danielle makes her own eco-friendly cleaning supplies, shops at thrift stores, and plans food purchases carefully. Their home and cars are paid for and Danielle lives a blissful and domestic life with less of the “stuff” others seem to crave.

See how less can be more! Learn the secrets to living a rich and fulfilling life with less money, less stuff, and a lot less stress. Danielle teaches you how to simplify your life so you can actually enjoy the abundance all around you. From finances to green cleaning, you will discover your own blissfully simple life within the pages of this must-read book!


My Review

LIVING A BEAUTIFUL LIFE ON LESS was a fabulous and resourceful book on taking control of our financial lives. Some of the information and tips weren't new, but all the information was still good to go through as all of it was helpful. With sections on everything from saving money on groceries, shopping for clothes, creating and sticking to a budget, menu planning, and more, this book covered just about everything towards making good spending decisions. A great book for those who would like to get out of debt, manage their money better, and newlyweds who want to start off with good habits. 

A lot of the tips were things that my husband and I already do. Some of the information covered things that we know we should do and helped to recommit us to do them. Then there were tips and information that I found quite resourceful and new, giving me some great ideas and goals in moving forward. I loved the Food Storage Pantry Staples List, Homemade Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns (and other basic recipes), One Hundred Fun Family Night Activities, and One Hundred Date-Night Ideas for the Year. I also loved the sections on teaching children needs versus wants and other good habits, A Clean Home Is a Happy Home (which included homemade cleaning recipes), and Celebrating on a Budget (which included tips for buying gifts and ways to save and stick to budgets when eating out or celebrating in other ways).

This book felt realistic and authentic. The author pulled from her own experience and shared how she reached financial freedom by changing her poor spending habits, being committed to getting out of debt and staying there. I loved what she said here when she decided she had to stop the way she spent money, specifically in regards to clothes, as it shows how committed she was (even though difficult) to changing her habits:
     "[Y]ou will not buy anything new. You will only buy what you need, and you will be conscious of everything you bring home."
(p. 85) 
LIVING A BEAUTIFUL LIFE ON LESS is definitely a book I would recommend to every adult and couple who want to avoid financial pitfalls and manage their money well.

Source: I would like to thank Cedar Fort for my complimentary copy, which did not affect my review in any way.

About the Author

Danielle is a thrifty living blogger who blogs at She believes that the family is the most important unit and that when families live a frugal, debt-free life, they can be happy and joyful. She blogs every day about thrifty living, including meal plans, shopping thrift stores, “green cleaning” with inexpensive, homemade cleaning supplies, and more.

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