A perfectly sweet romance... The Fall of Lord Drayson by Rachael Anderson (Review)

The Fall of Lord DraysonThe Fall of Lord Drayson
(Tanglewood #1)
by Rachael Anderson
Adult Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 242 Pages
August 29th 2016 by HEA Publishing


Who is he really? A high and mighty lord or a lowly servant?

When Colin Cavendish, the new earl of Drayson, informs Lucy Beresford that she and her mother need to vacate the house they’ve called home for the past two years, Lucy is fit to be tied. They have no money, no relations they can turn to for help, and nowhere to go. How dare the earl break the promise his father had made to the Beresfords without so much as a twinge of conscience?

Fate plays her hand when Lucy discovers the earl unconscious and injured in the middle of the road. When he awakens with no recollection of who he is, Lucy seizes the opportunity to teach the earl a much-needed lesson in humility and tells him that he is nothing more than a mere servant. Her servant, in fact.

And thus begins the charming tale of a pompous lord and an impetuous young woman, caught together in a web so tangled that it begs the question: Will they ever get out?

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My Review

THE FALL OF LORD DRAYSON was the perfect Regency romance! With refreshing characters, witty dialogue, some fabulous romantic tension, and swoon-worthy moments, this was lovable and sweet from beginning to end! Highly recommended to those who enjoy just plain good and sweet Regency romance.

I absolutely adored Lucy! She's spunky, intelligent, has a great sense of humor, is loyal, and is also quite honest, except when she's not, of course. ;) The predicament she got herself into... so very hilarious and heartbreaking as well. I also couldn't help but fall in love with Colin. The way he takes on his new identity while also still acting like an earl... well, it's priceless really and leads to so much fun! Then there were other characters that came alive and that I loved who rounded out this story.

I have to say that this story was engaging the whole way through. Not once did I lose interest. How could I with the crazy situation, with the delightful banter, the friendships and family relationships, and whole suspense of what would happen between Lucy and Colin, but also what would happen when Colin found out... Then there was the romance. It was sweet and swoon-worthy.

In the end, was it what I wished for? Yes!! When I said this was a perfect Regency romance, I meant it. I loved the characters, the setting, the dialogue, the romance... What else could a gal ask for? Absolutely nothing. I am happily content.

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