An enjoyable romance... Four Chambers by Julie Wright (Review)

Four Chambers (Power of the Matchmaker)
Four Chambers
(Power of the Matchmaker)
by Julie Wright
Adult Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 216 Pages
April 19th 2016 by Heart Stone Press


Every time Andra Stone crosses paths with Everett Covington, trouble follows. First she loses her scholarship, then she loses the apartment she'd wanted more than anything. But tragedy hits hardest when she loses her grandmother-the best friend Andra has ever known. She determines that Everett is a talisman of ill fortune. When Everett comes to work in her hospital and is applying for the same position she'd been working toward since residency, Andra believes him to be her personal poltergeist. The human heart has four chambers-four chances to get it right. Andra has only one chance left...

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My Review

FOUR CHAMBERS was fun and sweet with a little heartbreak thrown in. With a heroine set against getting tangled up in love, a guy who can't seem to give her up, and the Matchmaker, Miss Pearl, adding her magic to the mix, this was unique and engaging from the first page. Perfect for readers who enjoy romance!

I liked that this wasn't your usual heroine and hero. You have two med students who are trying to make it in the same field, and a tough one at that. They understood how hard the career path was and the focus required, which meant they understood a whole lot about each other. Andra was stubborn and had tunnel vision sometimes, but was also trying to prove herself. I liked her voice, her compassion, and her intelligence even when she couldn't see what was in front of her. Then there was Everett. He's a great leading man, even if I wanted him to forge forward when he wasn't sure about Andra. He gets Andra even when she doesn't get herself. He's so supportive, a fantastic doctor, and an overall great guy. I loved their camaraderie and what old, sure friends they really were. I also loved that they complimented each other. Miss Pearl played her role well. She's such a great part of this series. I liked the other side characters as well.

I really enjoyed that this wasn't a story where two people fall in love over a short period of time and find happily-ever-after. I like those stories too as long as they're well developed, but it's nice to have a mix of circumstances. Of course they do fall in love (this is a love story, so it's expected), but there were obstacles and everything didn't just magically fall into place. I liked how the story evolved and seeing how the characters dealt with all that. Then the ending... *sigh* Just super sweet.

In the end, was it what I wished for? Yes. I've really been enjoying this series (Power of the Matchmaker) and this was really enjoyable with some good humor, depth, complex characters, and a happily-ever-after romance.

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