#WishfulWonder October #Bookstagram (Instagram Challenge)

I recently have become quite active on Instagram. Having a new phone that allows me to really interact on there helps quite a bit, but joining a challenge in September (#FalltheBooks) has also kept me active. Then when one of the bloggers I follow and just adore (Rissi @ Finding Wonderland) decided she wanted to throw her own challenge together, I volunteered to jump in with her. Thus, #WishfulWonder Bookstagram was born!

Our plan is to have a monthly challenge and we're well on our way with ideas through January. If you're not active on Instagram, feel free to participate on Twitter. We'd love to have you!

So, are you ready to see what our first challenge entails? It's for October, so we'll be starting in about a week. Here it is:

Some of these might need a little more explanation, so just in case, here's the rundown on those:

+October 5th: Watercolor | The novel The Problem with Forever inspired this prompt, so think anything colorful and perfectly imperfect.
+ October 6th: Mad Hatter Day | Did you know there was such a day? We didn’t. Here, use your imagination. Rissi will probably feature an Alice in Wonderland re-telling, but if you’d rather, go for a book that’s “mad.”
+ October 15th: Sweetest Day | Feature the sweetest romance on your shelf or the sweetest couple.
+ October 17th: National Boss’ Day | This one might be a little strange for a challenge, but when Rissi was seeking ideas, some of October’s holidays came up, along with this one. When she saw it, she immediately thought of characters like Andi and Miranda (The Devil Wears Prada) or Kara and Cat (Supergirl), so if you need inspiration, start there.
+ October 18th: Book + Costume | Show us your favorite cosplay inspired by a book or a book with an awesome costume on the cover. The choice is yours.
+ October 19th: #BookMail | Since Tuesday is “new release” day, we want to see the book mail you’ve gotten in October.
+ October 22nd: The Elizabeth and Darcy Effect | Pick a novel that features a couple who started out as Lizzie and Darcy did (on the wrong foot).
+ October 26th: Book + Favorite Blue Jeans | To give you an idea where this prompt came from, it was inspired by Rissi's copy of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants which she recently rediscovered in her piles of books.
+ October 28th: #BookBesties | This hashtag is something Rissi's Twitter friends randomly started tagging their tweets, so give a shoutout to your best #BookBesties or share a novel with best friends who are also respecters of books.

All we ask is that you tag ALL of your posts (whether you join through Instagram or Twitter) with the hashtag #WishfulWonder. This will ensure Rissi and I see them. We're looking forward to see what you come up with each day and are looking forward to sharing ours with you!

Hashtag: #WishfulWonder
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Tag/Follow Rissi on Instagram @Rissi006
Tag/Follow Tressa on Twitter: @TresSherm
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Any questions? Who's going to join us?

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