Blog Ahead 2016

Blog Ahead is hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup, with the goal to get 30 posts scheduled ahead. You can sign up and find all the details here.

I'm really looking forward to this again this year. I get so much done and it helps me totally relax with the family during the holidays. If you've never done it, I'd highly recommend it because it just gives you a nice extra push. :)

This post acts as my sign-up, updates, and wrap-up all in one. :) I'll be tracking everything below...

6 / 30 posts. 20% done.

Week 1 (October 1 - 8) = 6 posts
S=2 S=1 M=0  T=0  W=3  T=0  F=0  S=0

Week 2 (October 9 - 16) = __ posts
S=0  M=0  T=0  W=0  T=0  F=0  S=0  S=0

Week 3 (October 17 - 24) = __ posts
M=0  T=0  W=0  T=0  F=0  S=0 S=0  M=0

Week 4 (October 25 - 31) = __ posts
 T=0  W=0  T=0  F=0  S=0  S=0  M=0

Will you be participating?

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