Outshine by Nichole Van (Review)

Outshine (House of Oak #5)Outshine
(House of Oak #5)
by Nichole Van
Adult Historical Romance, Time Travel
Paperback & ebook, 331 Pages
March 31st 2017 by Fiorenza Publishing


Time is not a river. It is a vast cosmic sea, where each life exists as rippling circles on its surface. Usually, the eternal ocean oscillates in harmony, all lives breathing up and down as one. But something has broken this equilibrium, turning the cosmic ocean into turbulent waters . . .

In 1828, Daniel Ashton, Lord Whitmoor, faces a problem of epic proportion—an earthquake has caused the time portal in Duir Cottage to stop functioning, disrupting the cosmic ocean and threatening Time itself. He needs a computer to crunch numbers and provide a solution. But with the time portal on the fritz, a computer is two hundred years in the future. So Daniel sets out to find the next best thing—an anonymous mathematical genius of legendary renown.

Fossi Lovejoy knows she is too odd, too intelligent, too old and too poor to ever marry. So she busies herself in her father’s ministry and her mathematical equations, choosing to focus on what she has, not what she lacks. But then Lord Whitmoor publishes one of her private theorems, taunting her to respond. Fossi is compelled to action—when you have so little in life, you defend the few things that are yours with ferocious tenacity. Even if it means matching wits with the infamous Lord Whitmoor.

Can two people past their youth find unexpected love?

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My Review

OUTSHINE was a very pleasant surprise. A highly enjoyable historical romance with a few twists including a few of the scifi kind. Historical readers will love the setting while romance readers will love the banter and constant chemistry between the main characters. Readers will love diving into this one!

I loved these characters! The main characters were so very fun, especially as they completely challenged each other. I adored Fossi and how her brain worked. She was such a good counter to Daniel and I loved all his strengths and weaknesses as well. There was also a great cast of side characters, who I adored. I loved how everyone interacted and the numerous times I couldn't help but laugh out loud from the characters' words or actions.

Then there was the romance... This one was so perfect. I loved the back and forth Daniel and Fossi as well as all the fabulous banter. I also loved how sweet it was while there also being a good amount of chemistry. There was also the whole time travel aspect. I always struggle a little with sustaining belief for things like this, but this one worked, for the most part. I was happy that it was a small part of the story. I wasn't sure how everything would turn out and my heart was torn for Daniel and the choice he had to make.

In the end, was it what I wished for? This was much more than I expected. It was an absolute delight to read! I was so invested in these characters, which in turn made me laugh, cry, and igh with happiness. Now I'll be reading the rest of the books in the series and seeing what this author releases next.

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