Let's discuss... book blog, lifestyle blog, or a blog for everything?

I recently became an affiliate of Journey Five (affiliate link here & in this post). They are an online clothing boutique and I've LOVED their stuff!! They've pretty much replaced my wardrobe. The clothes are comfortable, good quality, modest, generally hide my body's flaws, fit well, but are also still cute and trendy, which (as a mother of four) is exactly what I need. I also like that I'm supporting a small business run by moms like me.

Anyway, I've been throwing around the idea of starting a separate blog that is more focused on life, style, and entertainment because it feels like this isn't the place for that stuff. Of course it's awesome to support a product I love and share about it to earn some money, but I also like these kinds of things because I'm a mom and I love sharing what has worked for me. I have other things I'd like to talk about - like my struggle with losing my mommy fat and what has worked and not worked. I'd like to promote products that I support and share positive things that might help someone else, while also allowing me to share some of my struggles.

So, I'd like your guys' thoughts, if you have a moment to share them. Do you follow any lifestyle blogs? What do you like/not like? Would you want to see that content here on my book blog, or would you recommend a separate blog?

My husband, of course, wants to know if it's worth the time. Do you post about books strictly or other topics? What has worked for you?

Let me know what you think. Really. I'd love the feedback! 🙂

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