Looking for personal insight... Aligned with Christ by Toni Sorenson (Review & #Giveaway)

I occasionally review a religious nonfiction title. I chose this one because it seemed to resonate
with my life right now. Read my thoughts on the book and enter the publisher's giveaway below...

Aligned With Christ
By Toni Sorenson
LDS, Christian Nonfiction
Paperback & ebook, 158 Pages
August 1st 2018 by Covenant Communications, Inc.


Is there a sure way to know that what you’re doing is what the Savior would have you do? Best-selling author Toni Sorenson’s inspiring series, including Defined by Christ and Refined by Christ, has motivated audiences to assess and strengthen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Now, the author invites you to be aligned with Christ and learn to turn mind, body, and will to the Savior and to claim the peace that comes from the assurance that you’re truly in tune with heaven.

For those struggling to strengthen their relation-ship with Jesus and for all who are striving to withstand mortality’s feelings of unworthiness and hopelessness, this volume provides a simple, scripturally rich roadmap intended to lead you on a joyous journey of self-examination—to assess your own spiritual alignment, to reroute when necessary, and to come to know the love of the Savior—not just when you reach your desired destination but along every step of the way.

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My Review

ALIGNED WITH CHRIST is full of stories, object lessons, and principles to help each individual asses their relationship with Christ. It's not a book about perfection, but about being aware of one is and working toward being completely aligned with Christ, just as the title suggests. An inspiring and honest look to aid spiritual self-assessment, mostly gearing to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

"The rules are there to help us keep from making mistakes and committing sins. Inevitably, mistakes are going to happen; sin is going to win a round or two in the battle of life. But there is always, always, always a way back because Jesus Christ said so. And He backed that promise up with His life."

I enjoyed reading through this. It definitely made me think and do some self-assessment. I liked all the different stories and ways she applied different concepts with real-world experiences or things, making it easy to relate to or understand her point. The writing style was also easy to understand. I also appreciated that she covered all aspects of life, the physical and mental as well as the spiritual. I did want a little bit better organization for her thoughts with maybe some pictures or quotes in the side margins to break up the text, but overall there are a lot of good concepts here and plenty of little nuggets of spiritual wisdom.

"The world today seems composed of the same two groups of people. Some people see problems. The ones with optimistic attitudes see possibilities."

In the end, was it what I wished for? An enjoyable book that delivers spiritual insight and hopefully helps in making our lives more closely aligned with Christ.

Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way.

About the Author

Toni is the author or a number of bestselling books for both the national and LDS markets. In 2006, her Covenant novel, Redemption Road, won the prestigious Association of Mormon Letters honor for novel of the year.

She is an avid student of the scriptures and wrote Master after years of research on the life of the Savior.

Toni is the mother of six children, four sons and two daughters. They reside in Utah Valley and love to travel, play, and eat together.

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