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The Deception
(The Delusion Series #2)
By Laura Gallier
Christian YA Fantasy, Paranormal
Hardcover, Paperback & ebook, 304 Pages
September 3rd 2019 by Wander


Praise for The Delusion Series:
“I encourage you to read The Delusion. It triggers your imagination about the realities of spiritual warfare.” —Jase Robertson, Duck Dynasty

Less than a year after the horrific Masonville High shooting, Owen is determined to uncover why the Creepers have converged on his land and the school—a necessary step in his mission to drive evil forces out of his town.

A supernatural visitor tests Owen’s ability to discern between truth and lies as the community is rocked by abductions and disappearances. While the town comes together to find those who are missing, Owen must fight to discover what is real and what is part of a strategy to distract him from his true purpose.

Will Owen’s courage and conviction waver or hold firm as he to fights to free Masonville from the demonic forces threatening to tear the town apart?

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Q&A with the Author

What inspired you to write the Delusion series?

I wanted to help readers understand the reality of the spiritual world and how our choices can either invoke [DK1] evil or unleash God’s power to operate [DK2] in our lives. We can't be afraid of the topic of demons and spiritual warfare; that in and of itself is the work of the enemy.

How do you expect The Deception to resonate with your audience?

I pray The Deception exposes the deceptive nature of sin and evil and how wickedness often masquerades as helpful and harmless. I hope readers develop a greater appreciation for God's boundaries, clearly stated in the Bible, regarding explorations into the paranormal world and experimenting with witchcraft, which has become a trendy form of entertainment in our society.

What role does faith play in this story?

Faith is a driving theme. That said, The Deception draws attention to counterfeit forms of faith and how our belief in the supernatural can actually open the door to demonic entities if we don't know and follow biblical boundaries and standards.

What lessons or truths do you hope people take away from The Deception?

The enemy knows how to “play nice,” but he never plays fair. We never ignore God’s biblical standards and get away with it. Even more specifically, communicating with deceased loved ones and supposed “enlightened departed spirits” is a huge open door to invite demonic activity and oppression into our lives. Don’t buy into the reality shows and seance party trends that encourage us to contact departed relatives. Our loved ones are in their eternal home away from earth; it is demons who play the part of deceased spirits.

As an author, what did you particularly enjoy about writing this story? What did you find challenging?

I enjoyed developing and writing descriptions of spirit-world beings and environments. The biggest challenge was the spiritual warfare I had to face while writing the book.

Can you tell us about your inspiration for the main character in this book, Owen Edmonds?

Our society tends to be open to the paranormal, yet highly skeptical of biblical truth. The same is true of Owen. I wanted my protagonist to ask hard questions, challenge the status quo, and provoke us all to go beyond trite answers to our faith-related questions and get to the concrete truth of life’s most important matters. This is Owen’s journey.

This story is about the very real spiritual battle that takes place in and around teenagers. How do you hope understanding this battle will help teenagers?

You can’t fight an enemy you don’t know you have, especially one who disguises himself as our own thoughts and inner voice. When young people begin to recognize they have an enemy and understand the strategies he uses against them, they can then become empowered to overcome in the name of Christ. This paves the way for victory over demonic traps such as suicide, depression, anxiety, and self-loathing.

The topics in this series and this book have the potential to be dark and unsettling. How does this story offer hope to readers?

Evil is not going to go away just because we steer clear of the subject matter and insist on only happy-go-lucky topics. In fact, such denial empowers evil! Christ has overcome all power of the enemy and given us authority to walk in victory, so we need not be afraid. The story certainly testifies to this.

What encouragement can you offer for teenagers who are living with the daily realities of depression, shame, and hidden pain?

Those thoughts and painful emotions want to lead you to believe there is no hope for you and no future worth pursuing, but those are lies—the result of inner wounds and demonic torment. You exist because God willed that you have life, and He has a meaningful, abundant life for you—one where you know Him and experience His vast love, acceptance, and empowerment every single day! Learn to discern truth from lies and fight back against the evil one, who wants nothing more than to stop you from living out your God-appointed destiny.

What are some practical ways a teenager can be a light in the darkness among their peers?

Accept that you’re not going to fit in—you’re going to stand out and stand up for Christ! Don’t focus on criticizing your peers for their sinful choices and lifestyles, as if condemnation is going to inspire them to change. Instead, use uplifting words and acts of kindness to show them Christ’s love. Then you’ll earn the right to say things at the right time, such as, “That dark music is only going to bring you down, and God wants you to have joy,” or “Pornography is a counterfeit high; God wants you to know His peace and love.” Always leave it up to God to save them. You just share His love and truth.

How can parents help a teen who is struggling with some of the topics mentioned in this book, or has friends who are?

As parents, we must help our kids develop a biblical worldview, the foundation of which is that there’s a God who loves them and a devil who hates them and both are constantly at work in their lives. When our kids understand how to discern the activity of Satan and defy him while recognizing and embracing God’s activity, they are well equipped for life. As parents, one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids is to teach them how to listen for and hear God’s voice. When our kids know God and hear His voice, they not only have what it takes to fight for their own peace of mind but to inspire and equip their peers as well!

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About the Author

In a youth culture intrigued by the paranormal yet often skeptical of biblical claims, Laura Gallier seeks to bring awareness and understanding to issues surrounding the supernatural. Having battled her own enemies of the soul throughout her teen and young adult years, she is on a mission to expose deception with the light of truth, bringing hope and healing to a generation in need. Laura lives in the greater Houston area with her husband, Patrick, and their three children. Get to know Laura better at www.lauragallier.com.

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