Weekly Update #334, a new job and hot weather...

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I started a new job this last week. It's very part-time, only two hours a day, five days a week, at a local elementary school. Getting ready, getting there, and getting home adds to those hours and it's ended up taking most of my day. I need to get on a better schedule so that I'm up earlier so my day isn't gone just with the job. It's really cut into my reading and blogging time. This week I barely made it and I don't want to keep that up, so I'll probably have to say no more often to reviewing and tours I'm running. Such is life though, right? 

It's also been unseasonably hot here still. We've had consistent temps over 105 to 110 along with humidity which is actually not the norm. It's meant the kids I manage at my job don't get outside recess because it's too hot, which has made them restless. They've been dealing with it for about seven weeks now and they're done. Hopefully we'll start getting cooler temps. 

This week is super busy. I have a lot of tour stops and six books up for review that I have yet to start reading. They're all books that I'm super excited to read and I hate being this rushed. We'll see how it goes.

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