6 New Groups for Readers and Bookstagrammer Engagement

I'm a member of a few bookstagram engagement groups on Instagram, but I've found it's a bit hard to figure out which groups to join. You can't see their tagged posts and none of them note a genre in their profile, so how do you know you want to be a part of that group? All the ones I joined so far include all genres with some tag the group with content I wouldn't normally follow or want to see. It's nothing against them, it's just not my thing. I like clean pictures and captions. I also didn't find any groups just for YA, clean romance or Christian fiction, so last weekend I created six groups. Totally crazy to undergo to host them all, I know, so I do have some help for two of the genres, but I felt it was something needed and worth the effort to set up.

The groups are just starting, so they're small. As they grow, we plan on having follow trains and extra engagement, but the great thing is it will already be bookstagrammers and authors who post genres those participating read and post about themselves. (If you guys know of any other groups that are genre specific, let me know in comments.) Ideally my hope is that the main groups will be a place of community for us book lovers and then for those who want more, are the three engagement groups.

The three main groups are welcome to any book lovers - even readers who don't have book accounts. It's a place to share posts, sales, tours, announcements, etc. for the genre. So you can follow as a reader to just see what's going on or as a bookstagrammer/author/publisher/tour host to share your own posts, sales, releases, giveaways, etc. These are the groups to follow (click on the images to take you to the group):

Then there are three engagement groups for those who are strictly bookstagrammers and can be active each day sharing posts and liking everyone else's posts in the groups. These are the groups to follow if you want an engagement group in this genre (click on the images to take you to the group - follows are approved so we do look at the account for the genre, bookish posts, and daily activity before approving):

Hopefully you'll enjoy participating in one of these groups. Feel free to spread the word! 😀


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