Little Lamb from Bethlehem by Christine Stevens Mower & Kevin Keele (Review) #LittleLamb

This set is so adorable and perfect for the Christmas season. Read my full review below...

Little Lamb from Bethlehem
by Christine Stevens Mower
Illustrated by Kevin Keele
Children's Book, Christmas, Christian
Hardcover Book & Plush Set, 32 Pages
November 2017 by Deseret Book


"I have come to your home from a land far away to tell you a true story. It's a story of something that happened in my little town many years ago..."

The Little Lamb from Bethlehem tells the story of Jesus's miraculous birth from the perspective of one of the lambs in the stable on that sacred night. The lamb loved baby Jesus, and as they both grew, the lamb promised to share Christ's story with everyone. Now the Little Lamb can teach your family about the Savior's life and share ways to follow His example and serve others throughout the Christmas season. Make Christmas more meaningful as you use this little plush lamb to learn of the Savior, serve others, and celebrate the true spirit of the season with this new Christ-centered tradition!

Bring your lamb home today to begin a Christmas tradition that your children will remember for years to come!

Ideas to get started:
  • Once a week leading up to Christmas, invite a new friend to dinner with your family, and share Little Lamb's story of the Savior with them.
  • Include the lamb in the nativity scene you act out with your family.
  • Create a photo album with the Little Lamb as you take it to do service at a nursing home.
  • Read Luke 2:13-14.

Designed to fit your family's needs!
  • Weekly or daily activity options available (ideas enclosed)
  • Or choose to use the lamb as a simple reminder of the season

More ideas:
  • Give the Little Lamb a note every day expressing love for a family member, and leave hi for that family member to find.
  • Each Sunday during December, give the Little Lamb a favorite scripture to hold during the day and then read it with your family that night.
  • Read John 13:15 and talk about the ways to be the kind of person Jesus would be.
  • Hang a stocking for Jesus and fill it with notes for Him.

For more ideas, and to share how the Little Lamb has brought the light of Christmas into your home, check out #littlelamb on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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My Review

LITTLE LAMB FROM BETHLEHEM is a delightful children's book sharing the story of Christmas! The illustrations are well done, while the story is easy for young children to understand. Little Lamb tells the story of Christ's birth from his perspective alongside the scriptural account from the New Testament. The plush lamb that comes with the book can be held by the child while the story is read and then can be used as a reminder to the family of the true meaning of the season. A list of ideas at the end of the book is meant to help in finding ways of remembering Christ and serving others as He would during the holiday season. It's a great addition to any bookshelf!

I really love the idea of having this sweet plush reminder, particularly for younger children. We've never done the Elf on the Shelf, but I love this idea much better because it's a reminder of the Savior and of serving others instead of focusing on behavior and presents. I really liked that the story from the lamb has the scriptural passage on the same page so that you can read them together. I loved the illustrations, especially the pictures with the baby Jesus and when Christ is older. The idea list at the end is also very nice.

In the end, was it what I wished for? This really is a fabulous addition to our bookshelf and the Christmas books we pull out each year. It's ideal for younger children, who will just adore the plush lamb, but is still applicable if you have older children as well.

You can learn more and see some illustrations from the book from Deseret Book's website.

Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a review nor affect it in any way.

About the Author & Illustrator

Christine Stevens Mower is a mother and grandmother who created a Christmas lamb tradition for her grandchildren a few years ago. With a desire to keep her family’s focus on Christ during the Christmas season, her idea for Little Lamb was born. This favorite tradition has been teaching her grandchildren about Jesus and helping the whole family keep Christ in the season ever since.

From a young age Kevin Keele has enjoyed creating artwork in many forms: drawing, oil painting, digital painting, even stained glass. His work has been featured in numerous picture books, magazines, board/card games, and video games.

Kevin is currently an artist for Disney Interactive Studios. He lives in Utah with his lovely wife and two sons. They're the caretakers of one cat, three chickens, and thousands of Italian honeybees.

Do you like setting things about the house to remind your kids about the spirit of Christmas? Any thoughts on this book?

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