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Every Serengeti Sunrise
(From Kenya, With Love #4)
Rula Sinara
Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 368 pages
December 1st 2017 by Harlequin Heartwarming


Elephants, Africa’s wild savannah and three best friends…

When attorney Maddie Corallis returns to Kenya to fight a humanitarian vs animal rights case, the last thing she expects is for her childhood friend, wildlife veterinarian Haki Odaba, to be the very man she’s up against. Loyal and protective, Haki would never turn his back on the elephants he’s devoted to saving, any more than Maddie could abandon the native tribes she’s come to protect. An impossible battle…but nothing compared to the fight they face when old feelings surface and the soul-deep connection they’ve always shared threatens the worst kind of betrayal...that of their dearest friend Pippa. The one Haki is expected to marry.

Denying their feelings is torture, but giving in is not an option. Not with the suffering it would cause. Besides, Maddie left Kenya once and she’ll be leaving again soon. An ocean, a case and a friend between them. Maybe love can’t always find a way…or can it?

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My Review

EVERY SERENGETI SUNRISE is a story of protection, compassion, loss, and love. Set mostly in the Kenya Savannah among a battle between people and wildlife and the families who have invested time to save and protect, comes the story of three close friends who are trying to find their path to love. At moments it's deeply heartbreaking, some moments are full of family and laughter, while others are endearing sweet. Those who enjoy heartwarming stories and who have enjoyed this series so far will find much to love here.

I really loved how unique these three characters in this love triangle were. I'm not normally one for a love triangle. They can be so dramatic and messy, and many times are needlessly so. This one was definitely complex. I loved these characters, but I have to say that Pippa got under my skin a little. For someone who supposedly is in love and is so sacrificing, she came off rather selfish. She didn't care that others worried about her and was extremely impulsive for attention or maybe because she is that way, but I felt like it was inconsiderate and she was completely wrong for Haki. Then there are other warning signs shared in the story, such as Pippa's reaction to Haki's dream. I could totally see how their relationship was definitely one of love, but mostly of comfort and expectations. They do have a deep friendship, as does Maddie with them both. Haki is his own man. He is deeply passionate about the elephants and has his own dreams. He's solid, someone you can always depend on and who is skilled in what he does. I loved him! Maddie is then this girl who is always trying to live up to expectations, or at least, what she thinks is expected of her. I think all of us can relate with that in some way or another at some point in our lives when we're trying to figure out who we will be and what we want to do with our lives. She has a habit of running away instead of facing things, but at the same time, she's someone I'd want on my side in any fight because she puts in her time and goes the extra mile to see things through. She's also incredibly smart and hard working.

It was tough to see these three individuals struggle through figuring things out. It was easy, as a reader, to see where things were wrong and what needed to happen, but reading through them all coming to realize that and the hurtful things that happened... it was hard. I wanted to reach through the pages and ask them "What are you doing?!!" I do have to note that the romance for me was right on. I could feel the chemistry and how a flame had been simmering for some time and was being rekindled. I loved, loved, the ending of this so much! When Haki is standing against all his dad's (because really, he's been raised by them all in some way or another) and then the discussion and chase that follows... It was the best!

I do wish that there would have been a list or diagram at the beginning that showed who belonged to who. I really only had two of the parents and their kids down solid, then some others I vaguely recalled, and some I couldn't seem to keep straight. A family diagram would have been helpful for that. By the end I got it all straight, but there are a lot of people involved in this story from the previous books in the series.

In the end, was it what I wished for? I loved getting to see characters who were children in earlier books of the series all grown up and figuring out their own lives. Each of them were unique and had to find their own place, which is still a work in progress. I loved the romance, the setting, and the community (more like a big family) that has grown as these different families have come to work together towards a common goal of saving elephants and lives in the Kenya Savannah. A truly enjoyable story!

Content: Some mild profanity, but clean.
Source: I received a complimentary copy from Prism Book Tours, which did not require a review nor affect it in any way.

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About the Author

National and USA Today Bestselling author Rula Sinara lives in rural Virginia with her family and crazy but endearing pets. She loves organic gardening, attracting wildlife to her yard, planting trees, raising backyard chickens and drinking more coffee than she'll ever admit to. Rula's writing has earned her a National Readers Choice Award and HOLT Medallion Award of Merit, among other honors. You can discover more about Rula at her blog A Writer’s Rush, on Twitter, on Facebook as RulaSinaraAuthor or on her website www.RulaSinara.com, where you can also sign up for her newsletter.

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