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My Freshman Year of Fabulous
(School Dayz #4)
by Jennifer Digiovanni
YA Contemporary
ebook, 224 Pages
March 30th 2018 by Swoon Romance


When Avery Thornton needs to escape a first day of school disaster, she ducks into an equipment room to hide and meets someone else who’s also having a really bad day. Eli Fields just got demoted to third string on the football team, a sport he doesn’t even really want to play. On the hunt for a dance partner before her competition season begins, Avery discovers Eli’s secret, non-football life outside of school. She thinks he could be the dance partner she’s dreamed about. But Eli wants no part of dancing with Avery. When someone else steps in as Avery’s partner for competitions, she and Eli begin practicing steps “just for fun.”

But, is that really all that Eli wants? And although Avery has found a perfect partner, she’s learning that perfection doesn’t necessarily equal happiness.

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Guest Post: A Deleted Scene

            “Avery!” Sage waves when she sees me. “We’re over here.”
            The girls scoot to the side and I land my butt on the bleacher seconds before kickoff. Eli strides over to the player’s bench and no one seems to notice he’s late. The crowd cheers for the Trailblazers and I follow along with the chants coming from the senior, juniors and sophomores. But, I’m just not into the game. To be perfectly honest, I don’t understand what’s going on and who has the ball. The best part is watching Remy do her backflips on the sidelines. At least I can relate to how hard it is to bend your body backwards and kick your legs over your head. Next time I see Travis, I’ll ask him to explain the rules of football to me. When it’s over, all I know is that we won. And I spent most of the night watching Eli Fields, sitting on the bench like his body’s made of stone, his hands resting on his knees.
            As everyone pushes their way out of the stadium, I spy Eli ahead of me. He stops to talk to a group of guys, glancing around at the crowd. When the girls and I walk past, his arm reaches out and he grabs my jacket.
            “Hey, dance girl. What’s up?”
            “What do you want, Eli?” I wave my friends ahead and eye him warily.
            He leans in, close enough that I notice the sweep of his dark lashes framing his deep brown eyes. “I haven’t noticed you hanging around Dance Off lately.”
            Is Eli Fields actually looking for me? Of course he is. Now that I’ve moved on. I flit my eyes away, over to the empty football field. “I’ve been busy with my new dance partner. We’re practicing for our next competition and my video game time is limited.”
            Eli blinks, like he didn’t quite understand my words. So, I clarify.
            “You had a chance to dance with me, Eli. And you blew it.”
            I saunter off, fighting with myself not to glance back before I join my friends and give Remy a hug.

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About the Author

Jennifer DiGiovanni is a freelance writer and YA author of the School Dayz series. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, working on home design projects, or trying to meet the daily goals on her Fitbit. She also likes to try new sports and activities, from archery to ballroom dancing, with varying degrees of success.

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