Perfectly Misunderstood by Robin Daniels (Excerpt, Review & #Giveaway)

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Perfectly Misunderstood
(Perfect #4)
by Robin Daniels
YA Contemporary
ebook, 302 Pages
April 4th 2018


This dual perspective book is the final installment in The Perfect Series.

Jayden Valdez is an overachieving intellectual. Mike McGinnes is Franklin High School’s dumbest jock. Even though they barely know each other, she finds his personality repulsive and he thinks she’s got a giant stick up her you know what.

Mike and Jayden are surprised and annoyed when their teacher pairs them together for Spanish tutoring. Both feel it’s a complete waste of time, since nobody could learn from a person who bugs the crap out of them. Not to mention that their reputations might be ruined if people realize what they’re doing.

But it doesn’t take long for Jayden to discover that Mike has a secret—he isn’t the person he appears to be. Much to her dismay, Jayden finds 'Secret Mike' strangely attractive. And for some crazy reason, Mike is amused by Jayden’s clever insults and witty banter. Suddenly, they have a much bigger problem than their mutual disdain. What started as irritating tension is beginning to feel more like romantic tension and acting on it would be a very bad idea.

Content Description: This is a stand-alone YA contemporary romance with companion novels. While part of a series, each book can be enjoyed independently. It contains minor language, innuendo, crude humor, kissing, and conversations that mention sex. There are no sexual relationships, written or implied, and there's no explicit language. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

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(Mike): Jayden’s glare intensified, and I could tell she was sending me mental death threats. Eventually, she gave up and sat down across from me. “Was that so hard?” I asked.

“About as hard as you head.”

“I have harder parts than my head,” I countered. Her eyes grew wide at the implication. I let her stew for a second before lifting my sleeve and flexing my bicep. “You think that’s hard? You should see my abs.” I’d said it as a joke, but it was basically true.

She was surprised for the briefest moment, then she grunted. “How Cro-Magnon of you.”

“Your grunt suggests you’re familiar with the genotype on a personal level.” I smirked.

Jayden’s eyes narrowed. “At least I’ve evolved. Your face suggests that you haven’t yet.”

I tsked in good nature. “Your face might be prettier than mine, but your manners prove you haven’t evolved as much as you think.”

My Review

PERFECTLY MISUNDERSTOOD is a sweet, fun story about two characters who aren't what they seem and the misunderstandings that ensue when they're paired for Spanish tutoring. If you like contemporary YA with plenty of drama, realistic high school settings, and fun friendships, then try this one.

I think one of my favorite things about this story was how accurate to high school the romance was. There is all the back and forth and doubting if so and so likes so and so or not. The testing to see if she or he likes the other without committing, so that there's no embarrassment. The automatic assumptions that labels bring and finding that everyone isn't what you expect.

I loved the camaraderie of the groups of friends. Becca and Jayden had such a great friendship and I really enjoyed their relationship. I adored Mike's family, especially his little brother and sister who are twins. I also really enjoyed how Jayden and Mike start at odds, become friends, and then find themselves falling for each other against their own wishes.

There is quite a bit of drama. There's the usual misunderstandings and some feelings get hurt here and there. The girls get emotional in parts, mostly for silly things. The guys have guy moments and are blunt in parts. It felt fairly realistic... Just a warning for those who aren't into the high school scene and drama in your stories.

In the end, was it what I wished for? An overall enjoyable read with some good laugh-out-loud moments and others that were sweet moments between friends, family, or of the romantic swoon-worthy type.

Content: Some mature references and innuendo, but fairly clean.
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the author, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way.

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About the Author

Robin Daniels is a sixteen-year-old trapped in a middle-aged body. She's married to an amazing guy and has five cute but crazy kids. When she's not chasing children or writing books, she's coaching volleyball or working on her blog. She tries to read as much as possible, but often gets distracted by Netflix. Robin's favorites include napping, dessert, pedicures, Christmas, Arizona winters, and Diet Coke.

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