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A Place Called New Hope
By Catherine McGreevy
Adult Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 272 Pages
March 13th 2018 by Cedar Fort


Prompted by her mysterious origins, young English heiress Letty Leighton seeks to establish a Utopian community called New Hope. To do this, however, Letty must marry African explorer Patrick Marlowe, an unconventional man who proves as hard to control as the residents of New Hope. Together they must confront an unknown enemy seeking to destroy both of their dreams. This inspirational romance novel belongs on the bookshelf next to books by Anita Stansfield, and Julianne Donaldson.

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My Review

A PLACE CALLED NEW HOPE is a heartfelt story about ideals, prejudices, and love set in the early Victorian era in England. Readers will appreciate the anticipation of the happily-ever-after of these characters, who they won't be able to resist adoring. Perfect for sweet historical romance readers who like their stories steadily paced.

This story was surprising. It's not that I didn't think it was going to be good, but I thought it was going to be more of the usual historical romance. It is not. The story is steady, with a few climatic moments, mostly towards the end. I appreciated how the story slowly builds up and all the interesting things the story brings up. There are also some interesting twists and a somewhat villainous plot that creeps up. Then there is the whole political issue of class, as well as Patrick's exploration desires.

I adored these characters! I appreciated that the author showed them in all their weaknesses and strengths, particularly Letty. She has such high ideals and ambitions to find out that she is quite naive and doesn't nearly know as much as she thought she did. She felt realistic. Patrick felt solid and dependable. He has experience and has wise counsel. They both find each other completely unexpected. I loved that the author let these characters fall for each other ever so slowly. The couple spend half of the book away from each other. I had to laugh at how Letty tried to ignore her feelings and how she became gradually more and more frustrated. Talk about building up anticipation! And when they finally figure things out... it was quite sweet with some nice humor. It made me fall for Patrick even more and release a sigh of relief.

I also really liked New Hope. I liked the ideal it represented, particularly to Letty. I loved the challenge it presented, but especially the wonderful characters who came to build it. I enjoyed how Letty builds relationships with them all and how in the end, they feel like family.

In the end, was it what I wished for? This is definitely an engaging story about much more than romance, but the romance is pretty sweet on its own. If you're a sweet historical romance fan, definitely give this one a go.

Content: Some innuendo and violence.
Source: I received a complimentary copy through Singing Librarian Books Tours, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way.


“Ye’ve found it then.”

The deep, cracked voice made her jump. Letty twirled, clutching the locket closer.

Henry chuckled. “Just now, ye looked as she did. Desperately crawlin’ on your hands through the reeds, as if everything depended on it. But ye’re the one who found it, while the other lass went home empty handed. But that be the way of things, ain’t it? Nothin’s fair, not in this life nor the next.”


“One of yer new ones, there, what ye brought here.” He nodded his grizzled head toward New Hope. “The lively one with the red hair. Her gentleman friend did give the trinket to her, and no sooner had he left than she took it off to look at it and dropped it in the reeds. Careless of her.”

Henry seemed to read Letty’s thoughts, as if her face was registering every emotion. “Yes, I saw them in this very spot, many a time, her and her fellow, but never did they know it. I’ve been watching you these ten minutes past, nor did you ever know it neither. Not till I wanted you to.”

About the Author

Catherine McGreevy
Author of clean, inspirational fiction

The daughter of a foreign-service officer, Catherine McGreevy attended international schools in France, Spain, and Morocco. During her time abroad she learned to appreciate other cultures as well as the ideals that make America special. A true book-worm, she dreamed seeing her own novels on a shelf next to those of her favorite writers, including Mary Stewart and Elizabeth Peters.

After majoring in Communications (Journalism) with a minor in English at Brigham Young University, she later earned her Secondary Education Teaching Credential at Cal State Fullerton, and taught high-school and middle-school English before moving to Northern California.

A history buff, Catherine lives in Northern California’s gold country, where she has been known to don a bonnet and petticoats to re-enact the past with the Sierra Nevada Mormon Pioneers, appearing in parades and at Sutter’s Fort and the Gold Discovery site in Coloma.

Her first historical novel, Chance’s Bluff, was released by Cedar Fort Publishing in January, 2018. A Place Called New Hope follows in March.

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