How many times can she face evil and win... Cold Aim by Janice Cantore (Review)

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Cold Aim
(The Line of Duty #3)
By Janice Cantore
Christian Romantic Supsense
Paperback, Audiobook & ebook, 384 Pages
July 9th 2019 by Tyndale House Publishers


Police Chief Tess O’Rourke’s small town is still reeling from a devastating fire when the FBI asks for help: Could she shelter a witness in a high-profile human trafficking case? Initially reluctant to put the townspeople of Rogue’s Hollow at risk, Tess is swayed after she sees Pastor Oliver Macpherson’s genuine conviction to rescue those in need, a trait in him she’s coming to love more each day.

Tess’s fledgling faith is tested when crews of workmen from out of town come in to assist with the fire cleanup and she worries that one of these strangers might shine a light on things best kept hidden. Neither she nor Oliver knows that Rogue’s Hollow is already home to a suspect from a twenty-five-year-old murder case . . . and someone is taking cold aim at those Tess is sworn to protect.

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My Review

COLD AIM is another nail-biting suspense in this series set in a small town with Chief O'Rourke trying to protect those she loves and do her job while again facing evil. Readers will enjoy the suspense, sweet romance, themes of faith and redemption, and these lovable characters. An excellent addition to the series!

I've enjoyed this series so much! I loved the small town, with all its charm and the tight-knit community with its own problems. I especially loved Tess and Oliver and how their relationship kept developing. Tess is just such a fabulous character! I fell in love with her in the first book, but she's still learning and she's still human. I also loved Oliver! He has such a good heart, but also isn't perfect. I appreciated his admiration and love for Tess as he tried to figure out what he should do about their relationship. The romance was definitely not the focal point of the story, but it played a huge role and I liked how it was weaved through everything that was going on.

The suspense was pretty much nonstop, with danger looming constantly. The criminals in this story were brutal and cold. Human trafficking is such a huge issue and this story definitely poured some light on that and the evil people who gain from it. It's a tough subject to face, even in a story. Things got so crazy that I wasn't sure what was going to happen. There were a few places I had to suspend belief (like at the end when someone shows up when that wasn't really realistic), but it still worked out overall.

I also really appreciated how the author handled the inspirational elements of this story. I could feel Oliver's calming pastor voice, his wisdom, but also appreciated that he had his own insecurities and doubts. I liked how some of the characters were questioning and trying to work through their doubts and the hope that faith gave them. I also liked that the story didn't portray redemption as something that can just wipe away what has been done, that God does love all His children, but that there are still consequences that must be met. A somewhat balancing act between justice and mercy.

In the end, was it what I wished for? I've been so excited to read this and it didn't disappoint! It's a story full of suspense, danger, faith, great characters, and romance. Definitely recommended to Christian romantic suspense readers!

Content: Some difficult subject matter regarding human trafficking, but non-descriptive, and violence.
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a positive review nor affect my review in any way.

Other Books in the Series

Crisis Shot
(The Line of Duty #1)
By Janice Cantore
Christian Romantic Supsense
Paperback & ebook, 391 Pages
September 5th 2017 by Tyndale House Publishers


Tess O'Rourke dreams of becoming the first female chief of police in Long Beach, California. As commander of the East Division, she is well on her way . . . until the night she responds to an officer-needs-assistance call and fatally shoots an unarmed teenager. Despite being cleared of wrongdoing by a grand jury, Tess is so hounded by the public that she takes a job in Oregon to escape the bad press.

Winning over the residents of Rogue's Hollow might be more difficult than adjusting to her new role as police chief in the small, backwater town. Especially when her closest friend, the pastor's wife, goes missing and the woman's cousin is found shot. Tess finds an ally in sheriff's deputy Steve Logan, but as they track down Rogue's Hollow's first murderer, she worries that she's breaking one of her rules and getting too close to him.

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Lethal Target
(The Line of Duty #2)
By Janice Cantore
Christian Romantic Supsense
Paperback & ebook, 416 Pages
October 9th 2018 by Tyndale House Publishers


Police Chief Tess O'Rourke thought she'd taken care of her small town's drug problem last year. But now Rogue's Hollow residents are up in arms over a contentious vote on legalizing the sale of marijuana within city limits. And when an eighteen-year-old is found dead of a possible overdose, Tess wonders if the local pot farms might be involved and begins to fear that a new, deadlier drug supply chain has cropped up. As tempers flare and emotions boil over, Tess faces the possibility of losing the town's support.

With her relationship to Sergeant Steve Logan on shaky ground, Tess could really use a friend, and she feels drawn to Pastor Oliver Macpherson's quiet presence. But the anger she holds over her father's death prevents her from embracing his faith and finding peace.

Battling storms within and without, Tess is shocked when a familiar face from her past shows up in town to stir up more trouble. And his threats against Tess may prove lethal.

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About the Author

Janice Cantore is a retired Long Beach police officer who now writes suspense novels to keep readers engrossed and leave them inspired. Her twenty-two years of experience on the force lend authenticity to her stories. She has penned ten romantic suspense novels: the Cold Case Justice series, the Pacific Coast Justice series, Critical Pursuit, and Visible Threat. Crisis Shot and Lethal Target are the first two books in the Line of Duty series.

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