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Reunited with the Cowboy
(Heroes of Shelter Creek #1)
By Claire McEwen
Adult Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback & ebook, 368 Pages
July 1st 2019 by Harlequin Heartwarming


She can save his ranch…

But can he forgive her?

Maya Burton knows she’s the last person rancher Caleb Dunne wants to see. After all, she survived the crash that killed his sister, and then left town. Now she has to convince the stubborn cowboy that she can help him save his ranch. But once she earns his trust—and his heart—will she be able to walk away?

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A green pickup was parked alongside the barn, and Caleb tried to steady his thoughts. He had to keep his cool with her. He’d show her the permit he’d shoved in his jacket pocket before he left the house just now. She’d lecture. He’d pretend to listen. Then she’d be gone, out of his life again. It was all pretty simple, as long as he kept his mouth shut and nodded a bunch.
A small squeak behind him had him turning to see Hobo trotting up, his green eyes meeting Caleb’s in cat-concern. The cat trailed after Caleb most of the time. He’d even taken to riding on Caleb’s shoulder while Caleb worked around the barn. Which was kind of cute, though it had Caleb worrying that he was turning into the male equivalent of a lonely cat lady. But mostly he was just glad to have the company.
Not too many people visited their ranch these days. The little guy probably thought he needed to protect Caleb from this intruder.
And maybe the darn cat was right. Though, for his dignity’s sake, Caleb wasn’t sure he wanted his little buddy along with him right now. “Shoo,” he told the cat, flicking his hand back toward the house.
Hobo stopped, one paw in the air, uncertain. Caleb kept walking, feeling oddly guilty. Hobo had sat with him and his bottle last night. He always stayed by Caleb when nightmares hit, when things got bad. But, sheesh, he was a cat. He should be able to handle a little time on his own.
The driver’s side door of the truck opened and Maya hopped lightly down. Caleb was glad to have a moment to take her in from a distance, now that his head was clearing a little. Her fitted jeans ended in hiking boots. She wore a dark green jacket, and when she spotted him and waved, he could see the lines of her waist, the curve of her hip. Not something he should notice or care about. He’d lost that right when he drove her out of his life. Still, he was surprised he could notice anything through his hangover haze.
Maybe the aspirin was helping a little.
Maya stopped a few paces from him and waited, the keys she twisted in her fingers betraying her emotion. “You’re looking a little better,” she said.
“Thanks. Feeling a little better too.”
She nodded. “Look, it’s not my business, but are you okay? You were pretty out of it.”
“I’m fine. Just spent a little too much time with a bottle of rye, that’s all.” No way was he going to have some heavy discussion with her just because she happened to find him passed out on his porch. Getting drunk was his prerogative. He’d fought for his country—had the nightmares to prove it—and if a little alcohol helped keep them at bay, she didn’t have the right to judge. Plus he didn’t need her judgment. He was pretty sure he had enough self-loathing for both of them.

About the Author

Claire McEwen writes stories about strong heroes and heroines who take big, emotional journeys to find their happily-ever-after. She lives by the ocean in Northern California with her family and a scruffy, mischievous terrier. When she’s not writing, Claire enjoys gardening, reading and discovering flea-market treasures. She loves to hear from readers! You can find her on most social media and at

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