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Before I Disappear
By Danielle Stinson
YA SciFi, Fantasy
Hardcover & ebook, 384 Pages
July 23rd 2019 by Feiwel & Friends


Rose Montgomery parks her family’s trailer in Fort Glory, Oregon with one goal: to carve out a new life for herself and her little brother, Charlie. They need a fresh start for their family, and she thinks she's finally found it in a town where nobody knows them.

But Rose’s plans come crashing down when, in an instant, Fort Glory disappears and every person in town vanishes into thin air—including Charlie.

Rose and four other teens become trapped in the Fold, a patch of woods caught halfway between the real world and the lost town. In the Fold, a mysterious force suspends the laws of physics, and everyone’s inner darkness has the power to kill.

To survive the Fold, Rose must unravel the clues Charlie sends her from the missing town. And Rose has to find Charlie soon—or he'll be gone forever.

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Guest Post:
Rose’s 10 Tips for Surviving the Fold

So excited to be here on Wishful Endings, sharing a bit about my YA debut and the story of my heart, Before I Disappear. Without further ado, here are Rose Montgomery’s Top Ten Rules for Surviving the Fold.

1. Watch the Sky

The Fold is a nightmare built to look like a dream. It plays with your head because it mirrors our world, but operates by a very different set of rules— rules that only become obvious when they are about to kill you. Things can change quickly from one moment to the next. Watch the sky. It may be the only warning you get. Never stop checking for signs that something is coming, because it will come, and when it does, you need to be ready.

2. Trust your gut, not your eyes

Even though the environment is unstable and getting more so by the moment, the greatest threat in the Fold won’t come at you from the outside. Look in the mirror for storms. The dark pulse is always out there, searching for a way in.

3. Horde Supplies

You never know what you might need or when you might need it. Be ready to improvise and think fast on your feet.

4. Always have a Fallback

When venturing out into the Fold, always have a fallback place, or two, or three. Never stray too far from a point of shelter just encase you need to run for your life.

5. Trust your friends

You can’t do this alone. To make it out of the Fold alive you’ll need every single one of your skills and strengths and those of the people around you. Survival in the Fold is a team sport. You need people to watch your back. And honesty… honesty can save your life. Especially when the truth scares you.

6. But not too much

Your greatest assets in the Fold are the people around you. But those people will also present you with a very real threat. Everyone has baggage, and the Fold has a nasty habit of unloading it on you when you least expect it.

7. Watch the eyes

The pupils never lie.

8. Don’t fear the dark

Without the dark, there are no stars.

9. Hold on to the things that matter

Your reasons and your meanings. Your hopes and you dreams. Don’t give them up without a fight.

10. Find Charlie

The clues are there. Charlie made sure of it. But you’ll have to put them together before it’s too late.

Don’t let it be too late.

Thank you so much for having me and Before I Disappear on Wishful Endings! I absolutely loved this prompt and had a great time working on it!

About the Author

Stories were a central part of Danielle Stinson's childhood. Growing up in a military family meant frequent moves across the US and abroad. She spent many summers in her room surrounded by unpacked boxes and stacks of library books. She currently lives with her husband and four boys in Virginia, where she writes fiction for young adults. Before I Disappear is her debut novel.

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