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The Hashtag Hunt
By Kristina Seek
Narrated by Andrea Emmes & Tim Paige
Adult Contemporary Romance
Audiobook & ebook, 5 hrs 18 mins
June 12, 2019 by The Audio Flow, LLC


The only reason Lauren entered the Hashtag Hunt was for the $10,000 grand prize. She needed seed money for her startup, and it sounded easy enough: twelve hours to text twelve photos to someone called the Wizard. For hashtag number five, Lauren needs a #HottieInTheWild, and with the help of her best friend, Ivy, she finds the perfect subject. The only reason Brenner entered Barkley’s Pub was to have beers with Scott, an Army brother back in town. The reunion is interrupted when a woman is caught crouched in a dark corner, taking pictures of Brenner. Lauren explains, and though embarrassed, she accepts Scott and Brenner’s offer to help with hashtag number six. While hunting for hashtags, Lauren finds adventure and romance with her #Hottie, but she must stay focused to beat the clock and win the cash.

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My Review

THE HASHTAG HUNT is a story full of friendship and romance that is just plain fun! Contemporary romance fans will find many laugh-out-loud and swoon-worthy moments as they follow the heroine and her group on a unique scavenger hunt. Definitely worth the listen!

The story starts when Lauren is in the middle of The Hashtag Hunt, a scavenger hunt where competitors have to submit pictures via text that matches a specific hashtag. The winner wins $10,000, which Lauren wants in order to open her own store. The whole premise of the hunt was definitely a unique part of this story that I thought was really fun. I also really liked these characters. Lauren and Ivy are best friends and you can feel how close they are. When Brenner and Scott join the story it's quite hilarious. I really loved Brenner, who was still dealing with some PTSD issues. I liked that he was just an all around good guy. Then there was Scott with his unique physique and really bad puns. There were some other twists thrown in here and there as well as some unique settings. The romance was a little corny in places, but it also was sweet and mostly slow-building, which is my favorite kind.

There were a few things that could have been developed more. I also wasn't too sure about switching to the wizard's point of view at one point and how things turned out. There was also some additional characters who join in later on and I don't know that they were particularly needed. I think it's okay to not end a story all perfectly wrapped up with everyone paired off.

Notes on the audio version: I really enjoyed these narrators and thought they did an excellent job. The only thing that was slightly off was when Paige would talk in his Lauren voice and it was sometimes so high that it made me laugh - obviously you could tell it was a guy trying to sound like a girl. Honestly, it just added to the fun though.

In the end, was it what I wished for? I really enjoyed listening to this story. Full of great characters, plenty of humor, an exciting scavenger hunt, and sweet romance. If you're looking for a fun read with some twists, then definitely check this one out!

Content: Some swearing, innuendo, drinking.
Source: I received a complimentary copy from from Caffeinated PR, which did not require a positive review nor affect my review in any way.

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About the Author

Kristina Seek's debut novel, The Hashtag Hunt, was published in 2018. She is a graduate of Queens College in Charlotte and a member of Romance Writers of America. In March of 2019, she quit her day job to focus on a career in writing. Kristina lives in North Carolina with her husband and son. She cherishes time with her friends and family, loves traveling to new destinations, and wants to cross off the other items on her bucket list.

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