Impressions can't always be trusted... Love Bytes by Melanie Jacobson (Review)

Love Bytes
By Melanie Jacobson
Adult Contemporary Romance, Novella
ebook, 75 Pages
24th 2018 by Four Petal Press


Jessica Riley would do anything for her best friend Addison, including be her maid of honor and meet all her increasingly crazy wedding demands. But that's because Jessica has Dallen, the best man, helping her navigate the trouble their respective best friends keep stirring up. Even though she and Dallen have only spoken online or in texts, their friendship forms fast and easy, and Jessica is beginning to hope that the wedding in Hawaii will become the start of something special for her and Dallen too. Except...Dallen dates braniac supermodels. And while Jessica is a brainiac, she has a bad feeling she won't be his type. Will their connection survive in real life?

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My Review

LOVE BYTES is a sweet romance novella with great characters and a fun storyline. Definitely a short story I'd recommend to romance fans!

I was looking for something short and sweet one night and ran into this story when I was browsing. This author is one of my favorites and I didn't realize I'd missed a few of her releases so I picked this up. I was not disappointed! It was fun, sweet, romantic, and included this author's trademark banter and humor. Plus, the heroine was super easy to relate to. Who can't relate to misconceptions, trying to lose weight, self-image, finding love, and trying to learn to trust your heart to someone else and believe they are who they say they are? I also really liked Dallen, who had his own reputation to overcome. There were a few other characters that rounded out the story. It was also short so I could finish it easily in one sitting, which was what I was hoping for. I went to bed with sweet dreams.

In the end, was it what I wished for? Yes. Short and sweet with plenty of humor and swoon-worthy moments.

Content: Clean
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