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From the Garden into Eternity
By Pearl Nsiah-Kumi
Christian Nonfiction
Paperback & ebook, 92 Pages
June 25th 2018


From the Garden into Eternity tells of mankind’s fall from God’s grace beginning in the Garden of Eden, all the way through to one’s individual choice: Will eternity be spent in Heaven with God or Hell with Satan?

As a result of sin, mankind suffered a loss of close fellowship with God – but do not fret! The relationship can be restored in this life right into the next! God does not, however, force anyone into a relationship with Him. We are free to choose Him or the alternative: Satan.

This book, fully-supported by Bible verses, helps you determine where you are in this journey called “life”. Rest assured that God loves you and longs to give you eternal life in Heaven with Him, but you must first repent and place your faith in Jesus Christ. If you have never taken that step, please don’t wait any longer. The alternative eternity – which will be by default – will be dreadful.

Call on Jesus today!

Start the relationship that guarantees your eternity in Heaven with God!

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Would you tell us what inspired you to write FROM THE GARDEN INTO ETERNITY? 

I’ve met people who think they’re Christians because they grew up in the Church, sang in the choir, etc. I think they feel that way because they don’t really understand what the Church is or what it is about. Some don’t understand why they’re sinners, and that they will have to answer to God for their sins. For that reason, I wrote: FROM THE GARDEN INTO ETERNITY, YOUR CHOICE, to explain why we’re sinners, the consequences of sin, and God’s provision for sin. Yes, Jesus died for our sins, but each person has to personally accept God’s love and grace, in order to be forgiven.

What are you hoping readers will take with them after they’ve finished reading it? 

They’ll know without doubt, in their hearts whether or not their sins have been forgiven, and if not, what to do about it. After they take that step, they’ll have the assurance of eternal life in heaven, and also learn how to live lives pleasing to God.

What part or aspect of this book do you love the most? 

The fact that it stresses hope for the sinner. The extent of one’s sins don’t exclude one from God’s grace. One of the two criminals crucified when Jesus was on the cross, was welcomed into heaven that day. He had said to Jesus, “Remember me when you come into your kingdom,” and Jesus responded. “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:42-43 NLT).

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Follow your dreams, and write whatever is on your heart. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that there are many books on similar topics out there. Everybody responds differently to information; your book might resonate with somebody because of a little spin you put on it. Make sure you get a good editor to catch the little mistakes you might miss. Best wishes!

What has been the most rewarding thing about being an author?

As an author, I find it rewarding to be able to express myself and share my passion with my readers. Sharing the gospel is my passion, and so being able to share it through writing is very rewarding. My hope is that more than one person could benefit from just one copy.

About the Author

Pearl Nsiah-Kumi is a retired Registered Nurse; she grew up in Ghana, West Africa. She has lived in the USA for forty years and has three adult children, one son-in-law and four beautiful grandchildren. Pearl has authored two books in the past two years and loves to express her understanding of the Bible through writing articles and poems. Her goal is two-fold: To reach people with the truth of God’s word in inviting them to experience faith in Jesus Christ, and also to encourage Christians to mature in walking faithfully with their God through obedience to Him. In addition to writing, Pearl is also a Volunteer Counselor at a local Crisis Pregnancy Clinic.

More from Pearl

I wrote this book: FROM THE GARDEN INTO ETERNITY, because I felt the need to explain step-by-step how we, people created in the image of God lost our relationship with Him, and how that relationship could be restored. Along with the explanation, I also felt the need to stress the urgency of the restoration of that relationship. Why the urgency? It is urgent, because time is running out for all of us, and if one’s relationship isn’t restored in this life, eternity will be awful. Since no one knows how much time they have left in this life, we each need to respond to God’s love now, so we can have the assurance of a blissful eternity in heaven. Each person has to make a personal decision about their eternity.

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Tour-Wide Giveaway

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