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Will the Real Person Please Stand Up?
By Gail Porter
Christian Nonfiction, Personal Growth
Paperback & ebook, 178 Pages
October 1st 2018 by Redemption Press


Does fear of rejection hold you back from letting people see the real you? Are you tired of hiding?

Gail Porter lived with this kind of fear during her childhood and most of her adult life. When God revealed her bondage to the power of fear, she was set free to come out of hiding and become who He’d created her to be. What she learned grew into a passion to help others experience the same freedom.

Will the Real Person Please Stand Up? offers much-needed hope to those who long to be set free from the fear of rejection and become their authentic selves. In this life-changing book you will read Gail’s own experiences, stories of real people, and input from those in the medical field. Gail walks you through the process of identifying and acknowledging what holds you captive so you can live in freedom rather than in fear.

With God’s help, you can walk out of your self-made prison, break strongholds, and taste the freedom that will allow you to become who God made you to be. Get ready to stand up and say, “This is the real me.”

“Gail teaches her readers how to embrace the present without encumbrances of the past. With practical, action-based steps, we learn to climb mountains with new determination and anticipate our futures with joy.” Jeanne LeMay, author of Dear God I’m Desperate: Women Have Issues, God Has Answers.

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Would you tell us what inspired you to write Will the Real Woman Please Stand Up?

When God showed me that I had devised strategies to protect myself from the rejection of others—a mask, a wall, a persona, perfection—I turned to Him for answers of how that had happened. As a result of my journey of discovery, God showed me how to rise above my fear of rejection and experience freedom to become the real person God created me to be.

What are you hoping readers will take with them after they’ve finished reading it?

They can escape their captivity, by breaking the barriers that hold them in bondage, and experience freedom to be their authentic self. They can come out of hiding, like I did, and be able to stand up and say, “This is the real me!”

Did you find anything interesting, unique, or bizarre when you researched the book?

I couldn’t figure out how I’d developed a fear of rejection in my family. Nothing made sense. Through the help of a counselor I discovered a reason unlike anything I imagined: My parents were nice and kind people who took good care of my brother and me. But neither of them knew know to build a loving connection with us. That lack of connection created an emptiness that drove me to perform in hopes of receiving their love and acceptance.

What is your favorite thing about the book’s cover?

I love the way the girl’s arms are lifted high in the air. To me, that is a perfect picture of someone who is standing up and saying, “I’ve been set free!

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Especially for non-fiction authors, I want to encourage them to open themselves and write from their hearts where emotions can arise and transport readers beyond surface facts and experiences.

About the Author

Gail Porter graduated from Oregon State University and spent fifty years serving with Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ. She is the author of Life through Loss: Facing Your Pain, Finding Your Purpose and two co-written books. Gail lives in Orlando, Florida, where she enjoys ballroom dancing and her favorite role of aunt to her nieces and nephews.

More from Gail

  • Do you hide from others because you’re afraid they won’t like what they discover about you?
  • Are you holding back from walking through God’s open doors because you don’t think you’ll perform well enough?
  • Have you allowed past experiences or personal fears to keep you from becoming the person God intended you to be?

Join me on a journey to escape the bondage of your fear of rejection and experience the freedom to become the Real Person God created you to be.

I spent many years in bondage, subconsciously building walls, designing masks, creating a false identity, and striving for perfection—all attempts to fill my longing for love and acceptance. Through my experience of coming out of hiding, breaking barriers with the help of God, and tasting true freedom, I discovered a passion to help set others free.

You will learn about my journey to freedom in my book, Will the Real Person Please Stand Up? Rising Above the Fear of Rejection. I’ll walk you through the process of identifying and acknowledging what holds you captive, breaking barriers, and taking that first step to freedom.

As you read my personal story, as well as the stories of many others, you will discover how much God wants you to step on the path to freedom. Say yes to God, and let’s travel this road of freedom together! Then we can all stand up and say, “This is the real me!”

Thank you for being part of this blog tour! I’m excited about the way God will change your life as you allow Him to lead you to His path of freedom where you can let go of your fear of rejection, become your authentic self, and experience life fully.

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