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Magic Required
(Wizard for Hire #3)
By Obert Skye
Middle Grade Fantasy
Hardcover, Audiobook & ebook, 416 Pages
April 7th 2020 by Shadow Mountain


The final answer to the existence of magic.

"Concludes a rambunctious trilogy with wacky conversations and adventurous wizardry." -Foreword Reviews, starred review

Ozzy and his friend Sigi are in more danger than ever before. After being injected with the mindcontrolling serum, Ozzy is learning to control the minds of people, but he is still being hunted by Ray, the power-mad villain who will stop at nothing to find and possess the formula. And on top of that, Rin still claims he’s a wizard, but he and Clark are missing, leaving Ozzy to wonder once again if magic really does exist.

When it becomes apparent that the minds and free will of all mankind are in danger of being controlled by whoever controls the serum, Ozzy and Sigi join forces with strange new friends that claim magic-like abilities. When Rin finally returns, Ozzy will discover once and for all what happened to his parents, what really happens at those popular fantasy conventions, and if magic truly exists.

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My Review

WIZARD FOR HIRE: MAGIC REQUIRED is another crazy, frustrating, and lovely ride with this cast of characters who will hopefully get their happy ending and escape danger once and for all. For fans of the series, it's a must read, and for those new to the series, it's better to start from the beginning. A definite recommendation for ages eight through 14 (or older if you enjoy middle grade fiction with quirky characters and a bit of magic).

This story was quite a ride! All the characters are present with their own strengths and weaknesses and dangers to face. There are a few new characters thrown into the mix as well. I did get a bit frustrated with Rin and a few of the plot scenarios that I felt stretched the story but weren't necessary, but otherwise enjoyed reading this. I especially loved the aspect of family, both biological and found, and the question of magic in every day life and the kind we make. The characters themselves really endeared me to this story and I think readers will miss them the most as this series ends.

In the end, was it what I wished for? A rollicking magical ride with plenty of quirkiness and danger. Readers will especially fall in love with these characters and look forward to a very satisfying ending.

Content: Clean
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a positive review. All opinions are my own.

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About the Author

Obert Skye was born on a stormy night in the back of a fast-moving taxi, in the middle of the week during an average-length year. He is the middle child in a family with an odd number of children. Obert’s interests include falling from great heights, devouring books, and fighting for Foo. He also likes the beach. The author of the bestselling Leven Thumps series, Obert travels around the world telling all who will listen about the importance of Foo. He currently lives in the United States in a place a bit colder than he would prefer.

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