Weekly Update #359, the virus is spreading...

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This week has been a bit interesting. Our state began seeing COVID-19 cases two weeks ago. The state extended the kids' spring breaks one to two weeks depending on the district. The kids were to return on the 30th, but now the break has been extended to April 10th, so another two weeks. The kids are thrilled except for being stir crazy since we aren't doing anything with friends or anyone. We're just keeping to ourselves. We are doing some things outside though and trying to get some exercise each day. I am surprised how many cars and people are out though every time we leave the house. People continue to go crazy and buy up things in the store. My husband and I were laughing because all the bacon was gone. Isn't that the first thing you grab during this type of situation? Bacon? Lol! Of course all the toilet paper is gone like everywhere else in the nation. I'm happy we have a few more weeks worth of supply left so hopefully things will settle down a bit before I need to buy more. Honestly, I just want everyone to take this seriously and stay away from everyone else and wash hands properly so we can hopefully prevent the virus from spreading more. Our nursing friend says it much worse than the news is reporting, so we should all be doing our part to be cautious. It's pretty scary to have states go on lock down. My husband's work has begun putting in place measures for everyone to work from home in case that happens here, so at least we're prepared. Anyway, I hope you all are staying safe and healthy!

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