Weekly Update #358, spring break and wonderful weather...

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I've been enjoying spring break with the kids this last week. It was a mix of busy and laziness, and some much needed quality time. I still have one more week off of work with my oldest out of school, but the youngest three are back in school this week. We have been having fabulous weather, which I have been trying to enjoy every moment of, especially since I know the heat is coming.

This whole thing with the COVID-19 Virus is crazy! We haven't had any reported cases near us and yet the people here are panicking. You can't find any toilet paper (why that's the first thing stockpiled, I don't know) and other basic necessities are suddenly out of stock everywhere, including online. It just shows how little we're all prepared for any kind of emergency. Schools are still open here (because again, no reported cases), but I know other areas outside of my state are closed. We'll see if that changes after spring break and people are back from vacation.

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