IKTB - 2014 Scavenger Hunt Challenge

I came across this challenge that just sounds super fun! It's hosted by Rhomy @ I know that book! You can find out all about it by clicking on her blog's link or the picture above.

Here are the things I'm looking or "scavenging" for that I need to find on the book covers of the books I read for this challenge (one item per book for a total of 22 books) and the book that I will be reading for each item (it's not a complete list and may change):

An Apple - Eve and Adam
A Ball - Investigating the Hottie
A car - Stars Collide
An eye - Either Shatter Me or Fugitive X?
A flower - Destiny's Flower
Lips - Prisoner of Night and Fog or Crewel (closest I can get)?
Wings - Angelfall or Unhinged
A mask (can be any kind) - Pantomime
A book where one of the MAIN characters is named Sophie - Perfect Lies
A cover with only half of the face showing (right, left, upper or lower) - Pivot Point
A girl wearing a white dress - As You Are
A couple holding hands - Let the Storm Break
Body/bodies with no head - On the Fence
Someone with a tattoo on the cover - Eternal Starling
A book with a purple cover - Ask Again Later
Someone wearing Jeans - Biggest Flirts
The third book in a series - Luminescence
A book with Red letters in the title - Wednesdays in the Tower
A book with a one-word title - Cress
A title containing a name in it (ex: Alice in Wonderland, Emma) - Being Sloane Jacobs
A book released in 2014 - It Had to be You
A book that has been made into a movie/tv show (or it's about to be done) - The Book Thief

I will link up my reviews to the books when I've posted them. I've also created a Goodreads' shelf for this challenge here.

UPDATE: I think the hardest one may be the one requiring that a main character be named Sophie. We'll see if I can find one by the end of the year. If anyone remembers a book with a Sophie, let me know. I'll see if I haven't read it. Perfect Lies counts. :)

Should be fun!

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