#WishfulWonder November #Bookstagram (Instagram Challenge)

Rissi at Finding Wonderland and I are almost to the end of of the first month of our Instagram Challenge, #WishfulWonder and are gearing up for November. I hope you've been joining or following along, but if not, feel free to jump on board at any time.

- You don't have to participate every single day. Of course, it's awesome if you do, but joining here and there is totally cool too.
- Rissi and I find it easiest to basically do a "photo shoot" for an hour or so to take the pictures we'll need for several days so that it doesn't feel like work to do a picture every day. Then you're set for a few days. You can even use Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule posts and remind you.
- If you're not on Instagram, you can always still participate on Twitter or Facebook or wherever. :)

Here are a few of the instagramers and their pics from October's challenge (feel free to follow these guys if you're on Instagram):

We're already ready for November and it's going to be a blast! Check it out:

They're all pretty much explanatory, except maybe the 28th for Cyber Monday, which is a book that has something to do with the Internet, like emails or online dating, etc.

All we ask is that you tag your posts (whether you join through Instagram or wherever) with the hashtag #WishfulWonder. This will ensure Rissi, I and everyone else participating can find them. We're looking forward to see what you come up with each day and sharing ours with you!

Hashtag: #WishfulWonder
Tag/Follow Tressa on Instagram @WishfulEndings
Tag/Follow Rissi on Instagram @Rissi006
Tag/Follow Tressa on Twitter: @TresSherm
Tag/Follow Rissi on Twitter: @RissiJC

Any questions? Are you going to join us this next month?

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