This is one crazy ride... Reclamation by Adrienne Quintana (Blog Tour Review)

 I really enjoyed the first book in this series that I read last year (review here) and have been looking forward to this sequel. Check out my full review below...

Reclamation (Eruption, #2)
(Eruption #2)
by Adrienne Quintana
Adult SciFi, Suspense
Paperback & ebook, 278 Pages
September 13th 2016


When Jace Vega wakes up three years after the eruption of Mount Hood, her life is in turmoil. The future seems to match the images on the tablet, but Corey is missing, and nothing about her relationship with Damien feels right.

As Victor Trent continues to amass power, using information terrorism to make the world dependent on Omnibus technology and his private military force, Omnibus Global Security, Jace knows she doesn’t have much time if she’s going to stop him.

Jace’s reawakening begins a race to the place where it all began: the Point of Origin. If she can only remember where it is.

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My Review

RECLAMATION is one intense, emotional, mind-bending read. Lost memories, split realities, and two versions of her life that the heroine must piece together made for a suspenseful, non-stop read. Perfect for fans of MIND GAMES by Kiersten White and those who enjoy psychological thrillers and suspense.

This is definitely a book that you have to have read the first book to understand. As I mentioned above, this series reminds me of MIND GAMES by Kiersten White. The plots are completely different and there are no special powers here, but it has that same trippy feel where it messes with your mind a little and you're not sure exactly who to trust or what is going on.

At the beginning of the story, Jace has completely lost her memories as well as the last three years of her life. I felt like I was going through the memory loss with her and was just as frustrated that I didn't know what was going on. I knew there was a plan, because I remembered the first book and because Jace knew there was a plan, but there are several moving parts and I was torn as to who or which reality could be trusted.

There is a constant feel of danger the entire story that consistently grows and grows until the climatic end. Nothing was easy for Jace. Even parts where as a reader you would think it would be like other books where the protagonist doesn't face too much difficulty, you would be wrong. No one is safe and nothing is easy. All of that just added to the overall suspense.

Favorite quote:
We can't blame ourselves for living life.

In the end, was it what I wished for? Yes. I did miss the relationship building from the first book and had some issues with Jace's response to her baby, but this was a crazy, fast-paced, intense ride. I'm hoping there is more to come from this author.

Content: Violence, but not detailed. Clean.

Source: Received a complimentary copy from the author, which did not affect my review in any way.

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About the Author

Adrienne Quintana is the author of Eruption as well as several children’s books. When she isn't writing, Adrienne enjoys running, hiking, and matchmaking (Are you single? She probably knows someone perfect for you.) She lives in Arizona with her husband and four children, who give her love, support, and plenty of good material for Instagram.Bio

Do you like psychological thrillers? Have you read either book in this series?

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