A family movie for the holidays... The Christmas Project (Movie Review & Giveaway)

The Christmas Project
Christmas Theatrical Release
91 Minutes
November 3rd 2016 by Covenant Communications


Even with Christmas around the corner, for the Buckley boys, payback almost always wins out over brotherly love. That is until the four brothers join forces against a common adversary--The Hagbarts-- the meanest bullies at their middle school. But now Mom has decided that the Buckley family is going to Elve the Hagbarts this year for Christmas. Eleven-year-old Matthew can hardly stand it. By day the Hagbarts torture the Buckley brothers into submission, and by night the Buckleys secretly deliver Christmas treats and gifts to their sworn enemies. Soon the war of wits escalates to an incredible scheme designed to get the ultimate revenge on the Hagbarts. But now that Matthew has been learning that he's supposed to do good to those who hate him, what will he do when a little push becomes a great big shove?

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My Review

THE CHRISTMAS PROJECT was a heartwarming and humorous movie somewhat reminiscent of the 1980's movie, THE CHRISTMAS STORY. The story is set in the nostalgic early 90's and told from the perspective of Matthew, the second-to-oldest Buckley son, who deals with competing with his oldest brother, his first crush, his mom's fifth pregnancy, being bullied, and anonymously gifting a family whose kids are basically his enemies at school. Full of laughter, family, friendships, some heartbreak, and Christmas cheer, this is a movie the whole family are sure to enjoy!

I didn't know what to expect from this, but I was immediately pulled into this story and enjoyed the movie from beginning to end! I loved that the perspective was from one of the kids as well as the over-the-top humor. There were also some sweet moments and learning experiences for Matthew, such as learning that you don't always know everything about another's actions or behavior.

In the end, was it what I wished for? This was definitely an enjoyable movie and one we'll be watching as a family. Highly recommended!

Content: Clean

Source: Received a complimentary viewing through the publisher, which did not require a review nor affect it in any way.

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