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The Telling
(The Spinner Sagas #1)
By KJ Moullen
YA Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 304 Pages
May 1st 2018 by Mascot Books


Sixteen-year-old Blaine was a normal teenage girl. Sure, she moved around a lot, but that wasn’t completely weird, right? Then her mom tells her she’s actually from another dimension called Renault, whose inhabitants can do magic. Um, what? Suddenly, Blaine is running from an evil she barely understands. Blaine is thrust into the confusing, beautiful, and magical world of Renault with a mysterious boy she just met. There, she begins to discover her own unique abilities and her place in the universe.

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Author Interview

Would you tell us a little more about the main characters from THE TELLING?

The story revolves around a sixteen year old girl named Blaine. She has always felt as though she didn’t quite fit in. She’s very intelligent but a bit awkward and unsure of herself. She admires her mother very much and her perception of her mother is what she strives to be initially. Blaine is strong-willed and has a very sarcastic side that she often uses to hide her feelings of awkwardness and uncertainty. Once she is in Reanult, things begin to fall in to place and her belief in herself and faith in what she knows grows to be her strongest attribute.

Elian joins the story a few chapters in and becomes a pivotal character as the storyline progresses. He is quiet and sometimes stoic. He has lived his life knowing and following his life’s purpose. However meeting Blaine throws more at him then he ever anticipated, allowing for the first time doubt to creep into his well intentioned purpose.

What would Blaine say her favorite thing about being a “normal teenager” is, and what her favorite thing about finding out there’s another dimension is?

Blaine’s favorite “normal” activity would be sitting at the kitchen table with her grandma eating chocolate cookies and drinking a Dr. Pepper. (cause she’s not a child anymore)

Her favorite thing about finding out about Renault is the majestic wildlife and breathtaking scenery. She truly is a nature lover.

What inspired the magical world of Renault?

Renault was inspired by my childhood adventures primarily in Alaska. The wilderness always sparks such mystery and magic anything could be hiding behind the next moss covered tree you come to. I spent hours playing in worlds that only I could see. I wanted to share those beautiful mysterious places with others.

What is your favorite part or aspect of the story?

There are many things that come to mind however the one thing that sticks out in the fore front is the banter and relationship Blaine and Elian have. Blaine’s sarcastic nature and Elian’s straightforward unassuming personality creates some underlying comical undertones.

As this is your debut, what did you find most surprising and/or rewarding about getting published?

Honestly, it’s all been quite a whirlwind but I think my most rewarding thing is being able to interact with the readers at book signing and book fairs. I love to see the sparkle in the eyes of a young reader as the thought of them losing themselves in the worlds I created. To know that I’m helping fan the imagination of a new generation of readers is fantastically rewarding.

How many books are there planned for the series, and is book two what you’re working on now?

Yes, I am currently working on book two for the series. At the moment there will be three in The Spinner Sagas possibly four. That is not set in stone however. I never truly know where my characters will take me.

About the Author

K.J Moullen started her life as an adventurer. She always loved the outdoors, whether it was playing king of the hill with her pet goat in southern California, playing hockey on the frozen lakes of the Kenai peninsula of Alaska, or snorkeling and surfing off the shores of Maui. Amongst the breathtaking places she lived, her imagination and love for writing knew no limitations, allowing for a lifetime of plotlines and characters to be created and written about. She now shares her life’s adventures with her husband and two children in their home in North Texas.

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