A book to inspire you... Own Your Journey by Dr. Pammy Jean, Ph.D.

Own Your Journey
By Dr. Pammy Jean, Ph.D.
Christian Nonfiction, Memoirs, Self-Help
Paperback & ebook, 122 Pages
December 24th 2018 by Covenant Publishing


Own Your Journey. Everyone has a story. Sometimes those stories are painful and lack personal insight. After a while, the avoidance can easily cause clouded perception which can contribute to additional hurt and pain. Dr. Pammy Jean utilizes her own journey showing how insight can ultimately lead to healing. Her personal healing application incorporates Christian lyrics and scripture. Throughout Own Your Journey, she addresses God's grace and mercy. Dr. Pammy Jean's journey begins with an inferiority complex and travels down a path of danger and vanity. Eventually, she came to the realization that God used her as a witness to his promises. The longest distance is between your mind and your heart; she encourages you to own your own journey by turning your eyes toward God by opening your heart. He will provide you the understanding you need to become a witness to his promises as well. To God she gives her glory.

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About the Author

Dr. Pammy Jean went from a high school drop out to a career in social services working with the at-risk populations that lasted over thirty years. During her tenure, she developed many specialized programs and carried several grants to fruition. Besides being a public speaker and trainer. Later she became a certified chef from LeCordon Bleu, served as a private chef and taught cooking classes. After her husband's and mother's death, she retired early and went on a spiritual sabbatical. She is a mother and a grandmother and currently enjoys her life in Florida.

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