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Upon My Heart Forever
(Timeless Romance Single)
By Amber Lynn Perry
Adult Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 169 Pages
April 30th 2019 by Mirror Press


When Clara Moore learns of her brother's unthinkable scheme—to take her to England and force her into a hasty marriage—she knows she must escape New York. But when she finds out who has accepted the job of taking her to Boston, she almost rethinks her own hurried plan. For the handsome man who comes to her aid is none other than her former love, Ethan Barrik. He left her heart in shambles six years before. Can she trust him a second time?

Ethan Barrik is no stranger to struggle. But tracking the enemy, and war-time spying are nothing compared to the pain of regret. Ready at last to leave his past behind, he accepts one final job for a friend, only to discover the person he's really helping is the woman he still loves. Despite her ire, he knows he must make every attempt to make it right—and hope she will find a way to forgive him and give their love another chance.

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My Review

UPON MY HEART FOREVER is a story of heartbreak, escape, second chances, and love. Set shortly after the Revolutionary War in the United States where Tories were leaving to England or trying to salvage what they could, one women seeks her own happiness instead of her brother's domineering wishes by escaping to her aunt and uncle in Boston. Sweet historical romance readers will enjoy the chemistry and sweetness of this romance.

I found these characters to be interesting. I really liked Ethan. He's fought for his country, but has held his love for Clara close to his heart through it all. He's come back for her, but finds he is afraid to know if she waited for him or if she's willing to forgive him now that he can properly provide for her as his wife. Clara is a counter to Ethan's steadiness. She's flighty in many ways and goes back and forth with her treatment of Ethan as she just doesn't know what to believe or what she wants. I found her to be overly dramatic and much of the prose to be on the flowery side. The romance was sweet, but almost too sweet for me. I'm not sure if it was my mood or what, but I wanted more depth to these characters and to the story. Having said that, I still enjoyed reading this!

In the end, was it what I wished for? If you're looking for a story full of romance and on the very sweet side, with a dashing hero and a damsel in distress, then definitely give this one a try.

Content: Clean
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the author's publicist, which did not require a positive review nor affect my review in any way.

About the Author

A Pacific Northwest native, Amber Lynn Perry lives in Washington state with her husband and two daughters. She studied humanities at Portland State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree focused on art history. As a homeschooling mom, Amber spends much of her time teaching everything from Shakespeare to science.

When she isn’t crafting with her kids, making dinner or driving to dance classes, Amber is either reading or writing about her favorite time in American history. The Revolutionary era has captured her imagination from the time she was in middle school. Through her books, Amber hopes to not only give readers a glimpse into the past, but to instill in them a lasting love of liberty.

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